A Gift For Teens: Mini Trampoline Exercise Benefits

A mini trampoline is a combination of fun and exercise. It is one of the best ways for teens to remain active indoor. Jumping up and down can easily build up a sweat and jumping on a trampoline is indeed so much fun.

Since we are so concern about if teenagers are getting enough exercise, why not consider a mini trampoline as a gift. When used properly, it offers lots of health benefits and a bunch of fun.

What is a mini trampoline?

A mini trampoline, which is also referred to as a trampette or “rebounder” is a smaller version of the larger trampolines with a non-elastic canvas or woven propylene (strong fabric) stretched taut within a frame that is attached to it with metal springs.

It is the springs that allow the rebounding. It is usually 1m in diameter and close to the ground surface at 30cm. This is the more traditional one.

The more recent non-spring mini trampoline is made up of glass-reinforced plastic rods or elastic bungee cords instead of steel coil springs.

The way a mini trampoline is made up, the jumps are not as high as their larger counterpart. It is mainly used in exercise programs that focus on cardiac health. It helps induce a high heart rate and reduces stress on leg joints.

Also, it is worthy to note that it is not designed for stunts.

Mini trampolines can be classified by their use.

There are two types of mini trampolines

The competitive ones

  • It is made up of strong material and is durable.
  • Usually referred to as rebounder.
Mini trampoline
Mini trampoline

According to the Oxford dictionary, a “rebounder is a small circular trampoline used for exercise”.

A rebounder is actually a bit smaller than a mini trampoline and it is portable. It is specifically designed for fitness. The distinct difference is that the bounce mat on a rebounder is firmer and tighter than that of a typical mini trampoline.

The recreational ones

  • The bounce mat is not so taut.
  • Mainly for casual use.

Apart from bouncing up and down, other exercises can be done on a mini trampoline. You can jump, jog as well as dance and twirl on it.

Now, what are the benefits of mini trampoline exercise?


  • Exercising on a mini trampoline is vigorous, thus it helps to build bone density and muscle mass.
  • Jumping up and down involves the whole body, mostly the core, legs, glutes, and back muscles delivering great work out for the muscles.
  • It is essentially good for the lymphatic system which flushes out toxins and fights diseases.
  • There is also the benefit of improving balance and coordination.
  • It enhances motor skills, mental release, as well as helps, to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • The mini trampoline absorbs the shock of landing compared to a harder surface while jumping thus protecting the joints. In other words, it is less strenuous on joints.
  • Since it increases circulation and blood flow throughout the entire body, this activity is good for both the mind and body.


  • It is better to bounce barefoot since socks may be slippery and the wearing of shoes reduces the benefits of rebounding and may cause imbalance. Whereas the laces may get caught in the springs.
  • Cover springs, hooks, and frames with protective safety pads.
  • Check for tears and broken fixtures before every use.
  • Empty your pocket.
  • Jump in the center and not on the edge.

It is important to consider any medical condition that your teen has for some are contraindicated for jumping up and down on a mini trampoline. E.g. Joints problems and epilepsy. Do seek medical advice with a professional if you are in doubt.

Safety tips:

Teenagers are considered to be in the safe age group to use a mini trampoline which ranges from 6-50years old. However, they still need to be prudent and require supervision to prevent misuse and injuries.

  • 1 person is allowed to jump at a time.
  • No gymnastic exercises or stunts. E.g.somersaults and flips.
  • Don’t bounce off the trampoline; instead, wait till you stop bouncing then walk off to prevent dangerous landing.

It is worthy to note that its misuse can cause serious injuries or even be fatal. It is a piece of efficient equipment for fitness when used correctly or as instructed.


With mini trampoline it is essential to reinforce the rules with your teenage one to avoid recklessness.

So as you can see, mini trampoline has both its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to find the balance. So let us see why you should even consider a mini trampoline for your teen.

Why a mini trampoline?

  • It is small so doesn’t take up much space.
  • Your teen can benefit from exercise even in a small space like their bedroom.
  • Can be stored away after use since some models are foldable or have collapsible legs.
  • They provide good resistance which is needed for workouts and is safer than a larger trampoline.

Tip: Your aim is to gift your teen with a simple tool that will create a variation in their exercise routine whilst they are having fun which is a plus.

What to look for?

A quality mini trampoline is a must for safety. Consider your teen’s needs and your budget as well.

Having said that, you should consider one that will last longer, have better bounce, good for different weight, one that doesn’t squeak, and that is affordable.

Mini trampolines with springs are said to be weaker. They do however produce a good bounce and are so much more affordable.

It is said that the non-spring or bungee cords mini trampolines are safer because of the way that they are built. They also provide smoother bounce which is gentler on knees and joints. They are however more expensive than the spring ones. Many complain of the lack of bounciness from different brands as compared to the spring ones.

In the end, spring and non-spring mini trampolines are more or less similar in size and quality but it all depends on your wallet and safety preferences.


  • Some have a stability bar that offers balance and enhances your experience with exercising on it.
  • When choosing a mini trampoline bear in mind that your teen’s weight will play a role in their overall experience using one. It is advisable to test it to get the feel of it before purchasing one.

The bottom line

Like most things in life, if chosen and used properly, a mini trampoline will be a great asset to your teen now and beyond. This gift will serve as an effective way to boost their physical fitness and act as an exciting break from their regular exercise routine or even build one.

Making their health a top priority, exercising will provide your teen with better mental health and overall wellness. Emphasis should be placed on a healthy lifestyle; therefore a mini trampoline can serve that purpose.

Thank you for reading my article.

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  1. Hello there! I really enjoyed reading this article since I am also a big fan of trampolines. It’s amazing how something so simple, can actually contain so many benefits. I really agree with you that socks really make it harder to bounce and it really is slippery (my experience from going to the trampoline park). You mentioned about joints and that cannot be emphasized enough. Always a good idea to keep knees slightly bent and not locked in case of injury. Thanks for creating this piece.

    • Hi Mike

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with trampolines. It is an activity which is enjoyed by many. The many benefits of a mini trampoline are what lures people towards it.

      However, I cannot emphasize enough that precautions need to be taken for safe usage. Especially for the younger generation.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and drop your comment.



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