Cell Phone Protectors For Teens As Gifts

Why on earth will you gift a teen with cell phone protectors? Let us find out.

So you have a teen and your teen has a cell phone or you might even know of a teen with a phone. Not just any phone, but a smartphone to be more specific. It will most certainly be one of those beautifully designed and slim looking ones which spells out “fragile” phone. They most probably have neither rugged borders nor a protected screen.

This reminds me of a handful of eggs which you have given to a kid to carry. They are bound to crack at one point or another. The same goes for a smartphone in the hand of a teenager.

Let’s face it, upon purchasing a phone for your teen some things need to be sacrificed base on your need criteria at the time. Having said so, I must point out that it is very unlikely to find a phone complete with all the desired features especially if you are working with a limited budget.Cell Phone Case

This is exactly why safeguarding the teen’s phone become a must. Some teenagers have the knack to be as clumsy as can be whereas others are careful and actually want to protect their priced gift. No matter the case, protecting the phone is of the essence here.

Let us dive deeper into the matter at hand. We shall start at the very beginning with this question.

What are cell phone protectors?

Needless to say that they are anything that provides some kind of protection to the phone as the term suggests.

Mind you that different item gives different level of protection to a precious smartphone.

Below are several examples of such protectors.

Cases or covers

This is usually one of the very first thing you may want to go for in the protecting area of your teen’s phone.

Cases or covers (as some may prefer saying it) come in different design, color, texture and brand. Their main purpose is to protect the phone as a whole from drops, cracks, chipping and water spills.

To a regular teen, the most appealing part of a case may very well be for aesthetic reason. This is due to the fact that they can style their phone in different casing from time to time. In other words, they don’t get bored with a permanent look of their mobile device over time.


  • Some cases have built-in screen protectors to defend against scrapes and scratches.
  • Using a case can in part protect your camera.
  • When choosing a case look for one that is shock absorbent. Silicone and rubber are considered good for this job.
  • Avoid plastic cases for they may cause more damage to your phone.
  • Be sure to check for compatibility before purchasing a case.

One of the best samples of phone cases is the Defender series from OtterBox. They have three rugged layers of protection, internal foam cushioning falls and built-in screen protection. OtterBox also can fit diverse smartphones including the Androids.Colorful Cases

Other good examples of cases

Amazon has a variety of interesting cases which you can check out such as the following:


Armbands are perfect for activities such as running. Consider one if your teen is an athlete. It secures the smartphone to the arm while running. It is also water resistant which is ideal to ward off sweat.

Crossbody & Lanyard cases

This case consists of a strap which can be worn crossbody or around the neck. It is very convenient because it leaves your hands free to do other things. Some are even fancy looking which are cool enough for outings.

Battery charger cases

This is a cool case whereby you get two functions out of one item. The case can charge your phone as well as provide protection to it. It is an ultra-slim battery case ideal for charging your smartphone on the go, anytime and anywhere. It has bumpers and a hard-shell back-plate. The raise bumpers provide ample protection to the screen.


This should definitely be kept away from water sources.

Some other examples of cases found on Amazon are basic cases, flip cases, holsters, sleeves, case and cover bundles and bumpers.

Screen protector

Their aim is to protect the most fragile part of the phone which is the screen. In most cases it is this part of the phone which get most affected. Either it gets smashed down on the floor or crushed by a butt in a rear pocket. Believe me; teens are extremely prone to these accidents.

Often times we will see scratch marks on the phone due to unprotected screens in backpack or the phone has been left unattended on the bench.

Therefore, screen protectors tend to alleviate phone’s screen from cracks and scratches to a certain degree.Phone Cases 2

Examples of such protectors are:

Plastic film screen protector

Simple barrier against scratches and soft drops only.

Tempered glass

It will usually break when the phone falls instead of the screen by absorbing the impact of the fall.

Waterproof phone pouch

Like most people, teenagers love to hang out at swimming pool or on the beach. What better way to protect their smartphone while in the water than a waterproof phone pouch. The phone is sealed inside the dry bag away from the water.

The best part of it all is that the smartphone can actually be used while under water.

Teenagers like to take their smartphone everywhere even in rest rooms. If we adults can’t keep our phones out of the toilette or in the wash, what do we truly expect from our kids? This is where the waterproof pouch also comes to aid.


Though some Smartphones have some level of water resistance, this can be reinforced with a waterproof phone pouch.

So we totally agree that the non-rugged popular smartphones are fragile. Investing in one put one on guard for its safety. In the case of a teenager they pick up their guard only when it’s too late.

Therefore, those protective accessories are paramount. You can never be too careful with a Smartphone, especially a brand new one. Knowing all that it entails, I think it is better that you are safe than sorry. A cracked or blackout phone will be a great disappointment for your teen, so opt to safeguard it. You can also find more ideas of phone accessories here.

On a different note, if however your wallet permits it, it will be best to go for a durable and waterproof smartphone straight away.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Protectors For Teens As Gifts”

  1. Thanks for the review, very good article.

    I have a 12 year old daughter and she is entering adolescence! And I fully understand what you are saying.
    Since she goes to school twice on shift, she is away for a long time, and we bought her a phone to be connected at that time. We bought her the first phone and we didn’t put anything on it, since she preferred to show it off. Sure, I was a teenager entering the world of fashion!

    Anyway, it only lasted 1 month … until the first fall. We really love them: but they are very clumsy! And also personally I think that they do not give enough value because they have not bought it. That is a part that, as parents, we have to learn to transmit to them.

    So we bought him a case, which makes it seem like an agenda. We found it very good, since it protects both the phone and the screen. And she feels like an executive haha

    For now, we have been 3 months … and the phone is still intact!

    What do you think about the sound, what would be the best recommendation so that the sound is not too low? I’ve noticed this a bit …

    Thank you very much for the review.
    We will take a look at the other models!


    • Hi Jason,

      Lovely to hear from you. In most cases we find it a must to hand our teen as well as pre-teen a phone, just like in your daughter’s case with her having to spend so much time away from home for schooling. Blessed be phone for its convenience.

      I appreciate you for sharing your daughter’s experience with her phone case. It’s a wonder how a small thing like a case can make a whole difference to the situation. Yours has extended the phone lifespan in the care of your daughter and at the same time managed to make her feel like a real professional. Just look at that!

      After that fall, I think that she will appreciate her phone more this time around. I am wondering if it has encountered any other fall yet? Not that you will know now that it is protected. Unless you witness it.

      About the sound being low I may suggest that you first check the voice inlet hole at the bottom of the phone to see that it is not being blocked. It might need a little bit of cleaning to remove lint and dust. If not it might be that the phone’s volume limiter is turned off. It is designed that way to prevent damage to hearing but it can be turned on in your sound section in your phone setting app. This will all depend on your phone’s model in terms of Android or iPhone.

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Hi, thank you for this insightful article. I have certainly had the need to go through the process of buying a phone case for my child. Since he is only twelve I went through the process of buying a shockproof case. I consider it a great investment having suffered through two broken tablets because I didn’t buy a childproof case.

    I really think all parents ought to invest in them for our children or we will find ourselves spending a whole lot more.

    Candy Benn

    • Hi Candy. Wise choice there to protect your child’s phone with a case. We often learn through experience just like in your case with the unprotected broken tablets.We have got to remember that phones are fragile and even us as adult drop ours by accident. 

      The protective case is also a way of showing the young ones of the need to take good care of their belongings. By investing in one they also get the chance to enjoy their phone for a longer period of time.

      Thank you for taking time to share your views.


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