Charm Bracelets For Teenagers

Have you ever wondered what a charm bracelet is? More so, do you think that charm bracelets are befitting for a teenager?

My honest answer is yes. By all means do get one for your teen.Charm Bracelet1

Charm bracelets are apparently popular in usage because of their adjustable charms. Even more so nowadays because of the brands out there. Like everything else, it does have its history. Gradually it has evolved into the fanfare that it is today.

An interesting fact is that charm bracelet is not gender specific. It does also has it’s male version contrary to many beliefs nowadays. History also proves that wearing bracelet is not uncommon among our male population.

So what is a charm bracelet?

According to Wikipedia, a charm bracelet is a type of bracelet which carries personal jeweled ornaments or “charms”, such as decorative pendants or trinkets. The decorative charms usually carry personal or sentimental attachment by the owner.

What are the popular brands?

There are many popular brands such as Pandora. It composes of a series of jewelry. It’s collection of charm bracelets and charms are fascinating. A statement is being made by each of its charms. Some may have deep and sentimental meanings, while others may be down to earth playful and lighthearted. It also has the male version.

Another famous brand is Tiffany & Co. They are famous for their curated diamonds and exquisite design in sterling silver. The beauty of it is that if the bracelet gets lost it can be easily returned to the owner through its unique registration number on it.

NB: There are also unbranded ones which are less costly than the branded ones.

What are the types of charm bracelet?

Italian charm bracelet.

It consists of interlocking charms which form an armlet. The charms are rectangular. It is made of different materials such as elastic bands, stainless steel and gold.

Traditional charm bracelet

The charms are secured in a chain link. It is made from metals such as gold, sterling silver, copper and bronze. The ornaments represent anything in the ordinary life. It is also made in a variety of shapes.

European charm bracelet

It has a thin chain on which the charms are added. The charms are rounded pieces. It has a less jangly sound. It is made up of glass, enamel and gemstones. They are in a variety of shapes. The bracelet has a fancier look.

Leather charm bracelet

Leather charm bracelet

It is the latest type of charm bracelet. Instead of metal chain, it uses leather as the bracelet’s base. Engraved plates are attached to the leather band through threading. The accessories are much easier to store because they are flat. Leather charm bracelet has a rebel stylish look to it and tends to look more informal.

How is it befitting to a teenager?


Though it was regarded as good luck charms, among other beliefs in the past, it is now seen as a decorative jewelry with personal meaning.

In entrusting your teen with a charm bracelet, you are not only bringing in the fashion sense, but also enhancing her personality.

Creates value

With branding, as the teenager accessorizes her bracelet with charms, its value increases. Thus, your teen is building an asset. At a given point in time you can reassess the total value of the bracelet. You may be amaze of the cost.

NB: Some pawn shops are willing to trade charm bracelets of value. Interestingly, in older tradition, once out of use for the owner, the bracelet was passed on to their offspring. Why not encourage such tradition.

Sweet sixteen gift

OK. So according to history, charm bracelet was given to a girl before reaching her teens. Then she will accessorize it with charms which will mark historical events in her life. Such an event was her sixteenth birthday. Are you getting my flow? How lovely will a charm bracelet look as a sweet sixteen birthday gift?

Nowadays charm bracelets are being given at any given point in time as gifts. Mostly people are purchasing it for themselves.

Memorable events

The beauty of a charm bracelet, more so a branded one, is that you can beautify it with relevant charms. The different shaped charms can signify a memorable event in your teen’s life. It can be looked upon as a photo album or a diary. Let your teen tell his or her own story through a charm bracelet.

To make it even more interesting, there are different types of charms to choose from. Let us take a look at some.


These are different colored stones. Some are faceted (having many sides), used raw or cut en cabochon (shaped and polished into a smooth convex shape with a flat base). The gemstones usually add great colors to jewelries.

Lucky symbols

Some common examples are the ladybug, the tree of life, dice, horseshoe and four-leaf clover. They act as enhancement to a more positive attitude with a hint of fun.

Hobbies and passions

Traditional charm bracelet1

These kind of charms can take different shapes like music notes, guitar, airplane, globe, books, pets and so much more.


Religious charms can be design in different forms such as cross, nine pointed stars, crescent and star or other custom-made charms with wordings relating to your faith.


These are usually engraved charms. Some are in heart shape or other forms.

Globally, wearing charm bracelets is gaining back its popularity. This can be seen especially in young celebrities. These are all the more reasons why a charm bracelet is a must have in a teen’s collection.

Teenage girls can easily be fascinated with the varieties and attractiveness of charm bracelets. Having said that, I see it only fair to say that teenage boy also can easily be bowled over with certain types of these bracelets when chosen accordingly.

As mention earlier on, your bracelet and accessories are actually making a statement. The way you wear them will determine the story you are telling. It can become an extension of who you are.

Gifting a teenager with a charm bracelet may very well go a long way in unraveling the story of their life. In the end, it may very well become one of the few precious gifts they have ever possessed.

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Above all, I do hope that you find it handy. How to find a gift for a teenager may also help you out.

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