Christmas Gift For A Teen: An e-reader

With Christmas fast approaching let us choose a gift that will be beneficial to our teen. Reading is one of the best ways to expand one’s knowledge and a great source of entertainment. We want to cultivate that in our young generation, don’t we?

With everything moving online including schooling, we want our kids to get the best out of it. As shown below, an e-reader is an ideal tool for learning and to be used for regular reading.

Many will argue that reading nowadays apart from the traditional paper back, can easily be done on a smartphone, tablet or on any other device that have the ability to display texts.

Keep reading to find out why an e-reader brings more benefit to your teen and why it is good for gift giving. More Christmas gift ideas for teens can be found here.

Let’s tackle the first things first before going headlong into the matter.

What is an e-reader?

According to Wikipedia, it is a device designed as a convenient way to read e-books. It is specialized to optimize readability, portability and battery life.

Choosing an e-reader for a teen

For maximum benefit out of an e-reader certain elements need to be taken into consideration.

The screen type

LCD screen which is commonly found on smartphones and tablets reflects light making it harder to read in the sun. An e-reader on the other hand has an e-ink display which looks like paper.

The best part is that this kind of display is anti-reflective. One of its downside is that it is usually in black and white meaning that it does not display color.


The screen size

The size of the e-reader’s screen plays a major role for great reading experience. A 6 inches or larger display are usually acceptable by readers. More so, e-readers provide the option for the reader to adjust font size. This can easily be done for your comfort so that you don’t have to strain your eyes.

The Battery life expectancy

This is yet another factor to consider. E-readers are energy efficient gadgets due to their single use purpose which is for reading and also because of their black and white e-ink display. They are specially design to last for days without charge. Some e-readers can even last for weeks depending on the amount of usage. Just consider the amount of reading time a teenager can have on such device.

Storage capacity and portability

Digital books which are better known as e-books occupy small amount of space. You can therefore imagine the number of books that can be stored on such device as compared to a shelf full of books in one corner of the room. E-readers are space savers as your teens can store hundreds of books in a single lightweight device which they can easily carry in their backpack. Some e-readers even have expandable storage to store audio books and PDFs.

Supported formats for e-books

Take notice of the supported format of an e-reader. Most digital books are in EPUB format. Some can access other format as well. Some e-readers such as Kindle may need special software to convert unsupported file into supported file format. Kobo is an e-reader that supports the most e-books formats.

The screen lighting

Consider models with in-built light to light up the screen thus facilitating reading without the need of external light. This feature uses more power though. Some e-readers come with back lighting but there are e-readers with front lighting display as well, like the BOOX Nova Pro (a deluxe e-reader), which is good for night reading.


Having a waterproof e-reader is ideal for reading in the bath, at the beach or by the pool side. This feature should be taken into consideration while choosing an e-reader for a teenager.

Why give an e-reader to a teen?

We will address this matter through an example of an e-reader.

The Kindle Paperwhite 4

This is a good example of an e-reader to consider for your teen. It is mainly convenient, portable and above all waterproof.

  • With the Kindle Paperwhite your teen can go for weeks without charging on a 1-hour read per day. The same cannot be said for other devices.
  • It has a good storage capacity of 8 GB which is enough to provide your teen with a plethora of books.
  • Compared to a hardcover tome it is much lighter. Your teenager gets to carry a hundred times more books in digital form instead of just one hardcover even though they are roughly the same size.
  • It has a glare-free display (300 ppi) which reduces eye fatigue.
  • It provides good lighting with its front light which spread light evenly thus making reading from top to bottom more pleasant.
  • It is waterproof (IPX8 rated) which makes it even more appropriate for a teen whom are prone to accidental spillage.
  • An e-reader is dedicated for reading making it user-friendly and avoiding distractions that other devices may provide. This is truly one of its greatest benefits in giving it to a teenager. It will be easier to get them to concentrate on one thing.
  • Teens can purchase text books online instead of the expensive hard copy. This will be one great step towards learning. Watch out for e-learning programs which also can benefit your teen.
  • It has an in-built dictionary which will encourage teenagers to look words up.


It is noteworthy to point out that Kindle Paperwhite lacks physical buttons and that it has no USB-C support.

Why should it be considered as a good gift for teen?

  • As mentioned above it actually helps with more reading and it is friendlier to the eyes.
  • It doesn’t need replacement every year as it is a pretty reliable device that can last for years to come.
  • It is suitable for both teen boys and girls. Check out gift ideas for teen boys here.
e-reader e-books
E-readers & Books

Throughout its use you can further gift the teen with a protected case.
Since your teen will be carrying the reader around, it will need protection from scratches.

CoBak Kindle Paperwhite Case provides protection to your device. This cover comes in 3 versions.

  1. A water-safe fabric cover (withstand brief exposure to water).
  2. A standard leather cover.
  3. A premium leather cover.

All of these will however add a further 4ounces to the e-reader.

You can also gift them with Bluetooth speakers or headphones to accompany their e-reader for audio books.

My final thoughts

Remember reading is all about the story and an e-reader for your teen will get them caught up in reading more comfortably. A Kindle Paperwhite e-reader will surely benefit a teenage reader. As they become an avid reader they might want to progress to premium ones such as the Kindle Oasis or upgrade to the next generation as they are released.

E-readers have been design to be less strain full to the eyes while providing a good reading experience night or day. They are also very good for handling and to walk about with. Such a device can become a friend for years to come.

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