Christmas Gifts Ideas For Teenagers

Find a little something that will warm up your teen’s heart this Christmas. That little something special that you know will float their boat! Christmas is all about giving and warmth anyhow!

The festive season is well on the way and we are wondering how we are going to survive this one amid a pandemic which has wreaked havoc. So many things are upside down. The world is in chaos.

So what are we to do with Christmas ahead? If we are feeling this way, just take a little time to view things from our children’s perspective. You can imagine how hard these months have been for your teen. The best thing to do is to stay connected. You can visit your whys to giving your teen a gift here.

So you may want to treat your teen with something that will connect with them on another level. I will say, spend time with them. Your time is usually the best gift ever and probably one of the things they are craving for.

This is why I think that a movie night with a Christmas feel will be awesome for your teen and the whole family.

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Movie night with a Christmas feel

“How does one create a movie night with a Christmas feel?” You may ask. Worries aside, let’s make something great for the kid’s sake this Christmas!

Create the mood

First of all we are going to create the atmosphere. To create a great moment we need to create the ambiance.

So our décor will be the very first place to start. How Christmas does feels like to you? I am seeing lights, Christmas decorations and hearing Christmas carols among other things.

We want the place to not be too bright but neither too dark. We are going to watch a movie; remember? The Vine light is just the right brightness to set the mood.

Or we can go another way. Make use of candles. Scented candles with a Christmas feel will be perfect. The living room will be the heart of this event; your home theater, so prop up those candles there. They are cost effective for they will reduce on the consumption of electricity.

Scented Candles

Play with colors by bringing out the Christmas colors. A few red cushions and golden throws on the sofas as well as on the floor as each family member has their favorite seating place.

Green will have been covered if you opted for the vine light above.

Christmas carols

Instrumental Christmas carols in the background will be accountable for a mellow mood. It will also be useful during your film’s intermission.

Tips: Creating a great ambiance will help your teen to relax and have a great time. Here are some other ways that you can bring comfort to your teen.

Gift basket with your teen’s favorite snacks

Now, how about gifting your teen a basket full of his or her favorite snacks? Snack should be a major factor on your list since this is a movie night after all.

I will direly suggest that marshmallows, chocolates and some graham crackers or cookies formed part of that basket. Or better yet, make your very own snack basket and provide it as a gift.

Don’t worry; this gift will connect with the other gift idea below.

S’mores and more s’mores

Are you wondering what s’mores are? Take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about it here.

The Nostalgia electric s’mores maker will do this job nicely. It melts marshmallows just right over an electric flame. It has enough space to keep your snacks for the s’mores too. It is most convenient for indoor use.

With this little device your teen will definitely be asking for “some more”. Though this will remind you more of a camping site, I don’t see why it cannot be implemented into your movie night. I mean great snack is a must at the movies and s’more is a delicious and fun snack especially for teens. Gooey marshmallows, melted chocolate and crackers! Yummy!

Tips: You can get other family members to pitch in with the gift especially if you tell them of your planned event for this festive season.

Pizza or cookies?

Which one does your teen love best? Bake that one.

You definitely want to bake something for this event. Baking always warm the heart, the smell making your place feels like home sweet home. It is most often the smell that will make us remember home when we are away from home.

Pizza could be considered as a snack on your list. It is best to be prepared in small bite size so that it can be served as a snack. Baking your very own pizza will bring more fun out of it. Otherwise, we can go with the traditional Cookies or Gingerbread.

We are engaging the sense of smell here and these are simple enough to get done.

Hot chocolate

One of the very best things that will provide you with a warm fuzzy feeling is none other than hot chocolate. This will be your drink of choice to cozy up with a film.

Nostalgia Retro Hot Chocolate Maker will stir a hot chocolate with brimming froth for you. Some cinnamon sticks will complete the job.

Hot Chocolate

Movie selection

Choose your movie wisely. During the festive season there are always certain types of movies which induce more of our happy hormones. Movies such as the Hallmark movies or Home alone can bring so much joy.

To bring in the fun, midway in the film pause so that everybody get a little break to do what they need to do. Make it like the intermission at the movies. Here is where you can improvise by continue playing you instrumental Christmas carols whilst everyone find their way back to their seat.

Heated slippers

Heated slippers are fine gifts to bring warmth. They will provide warmth to your feet. It will be a great addition for your teen to watch the movie in comfort.

Slipper socks

Slipper socks can be an alternative to the heated slippers as they too look cool especially when folded over. The interior is lined by faux shearing and the soles are dotted by silicone treads which reduce slipping. Its cozy and luxurious feel will bring enough warmth to last the movie night event.

Build-on brick mug

This is a fun gift to give your teen. Perfect for a hot chocolate treat! It will be of great use for your hot drink for the movie night. It is so much more exciting to drink out of an interesting mug don’t you think?

Blue light blocking glasses

These will be perfect for this particular dim movie night. This pair of glasses blocks out UV light. It is also very good for glare reduction.

These babies are also perfect for gaming and web surfing which are all activities that your teens are into.

To sum it all

I firmly believe that time spent together are irreplaceable. These are the best memorable gifts you can give to your teen. You can see how to create an outdoor movie event here.

In a sense and for a vast majority of us, the pandemic has provided us with time. So let’s take this blessing and share it with our loved ones.

A special movie night is not that tough to organize. The items mentioned above will only serve to enhance the mood. They will also turn out to be great Christmas gifts.

Do not hesitate at all cost to offer your family and this young person in your life who is fast blooming into an adult this special gift. Life and the world itself are full of bad things so don’t miss out on the chance to build your own sweet memories with your off springs.

Thanking you for stopping by.

If you happen to have some great ideas or other comments on this movie night with a Christmas feel event don’t hesitate to drop them down below.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts Ideas For Teenagers”

  1. You have done this article just at the right time as we start to prepare for christmas. Its good to plan early. You start thinking what you are going to do for christmas and at times your mind just draws a blank. The ideas mentioned here are just awesome. Firstly you create the christmas atmosphere, the candles, the lights, the carols all just perfect. Then the christmas movie night with heated slippers, the hot chocolate, the pizza and you get to spend some quality time with them. 

    • Hi,

      The idea behind this article is precisely to get you ready for this Christmas. Things often turn out better when you plan ahead. 

      In regards to teens, you do need to put your game plan on. Extra touches like the gifts I have included can make a great difference in the event outcome.

      I am glad that you find that those items will enable you to spend quality time with your teens.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your views.

  2. It’s really a nice idea to give gifts out and the big question that everyone has is, what gift do we get? I am really not the type of person who can even start thinking about it. So, by seeing this post and what delight it has brought to me and knowing that Christmas is fast approaching, I’m not that afraid as I already have ideas of gifts to give.

    • Hi Justin,

      Gift giving is an ideal thing to do as you reap so much joy from doing so. People do have the tendency to ponder on what to give and if the recipient is a teenager it becomes even harder to make the right choice. We are definitely aiming to please in giving out gifts!

      I am glad that you are now more prepare to face making choices for Christmas gifts this year. If we think about it early enough we do get the chance to make better choices in all aspect of gift giving.

      Thank you so much for commenting here.


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