Cool Gadgets For Teens: Accessories For Phones

Teens love gadgets, especially if it entails accessorizing their phones with them. For most teens, their phones are their pride and joy. Therefore, anything that will add value to it is a must.

Enhancing their precious device can give them so much pleasure and embrace more value from their phone. Along the very same line, it provides the opportunity for us to come up with a variety of gifts.

There are lots of cool phone gadgets out there that are fascinating. Some are pocket size and can easily be carried around as well as store away in minimal space.

I however doubt if such items will need storing away.

Let’s take a look at a few:

Monocular scope

What is it?

A monocular scope is like a mini telescope that brings faraway objects into sharp and near focus. Some can be even shorter than a pen. It can also be compared to binoculars but with only one lens and more compact. It is said to have a “true field of view” since it can spot a target precisely.

Its main purpose, therefore, is to magnify distant objects.

Celestron Nature 10×25

Celestron Nature 10×25 is a budget-friendly monocular scope that is well suited for outdoor use. It is one amongst many such gadgets of that kind out there.

  • It has a high-quality lens.Monocular scope
  • It is precise and sharp.
  • It can be easily manipulated with one hand only.
  • It weighs about 6 ounces.
  • It comes with a cleaning cloth, case and strap.
  • It is compatible with android and Apple as well as other smartphones.
  • It can also be used on its own.

This little gadget gives a virtual experience of nature which makes it an ideal tool for teen explorers (bird watching and hiking). The best part of it all is that due to its small size and weight, it can be carried around in pockets.


  • Water and fog proof
  • Lens has a protective coating
  • It is easy to use and easy to clean
  • Has the ability to capture photos and videos


  • Need to purchase tripod separately
  • Need a phone clip to attach it to the phone
  • Does not provide a broad view due to only one lens
  • Does not have an in-built compass to know where you are

Though a monocular scope is a little hard to come across they do make a wonderful pocket gadget for any teen. Overall, it is easier to carry and adapt to and so much less expensive than binoculars.

Here is another gadget worth mentioning:

3D phone screen magnifier

What is it?

It is a device that enlarges the image on your phone screen. It works like a phone projector screen, doubling the size of your phone screen.

As the phone has a small screen we tend to fancy a larger screen to view on sometimes. Phone screen magnifiers can work that magic for you. No need for constant zooming.

All that is needed to be done is set up the phone at the perfect angle behind a larger rectangular magnifying lens and your teen can easily enjoy videos, text, games and photos without the need for a tablet for a larger view.

If your teen is forever on their phone like mine is, this gadget may ease your mind a bit in the eye department. It is perfect to carry around and use over and over again.

Gliston 3D Phone Screen Enlarger

Let’ explore the Gliston 3D Phone Screen Enlarger

  • It is compatible with most mobiles.
  • Its curved screen magnifier enlarges the phone screen 2-4 times.
  • HD threaded lens- enhances clarity while reducing eye strain.
  • It has an adjustable folding bracket which helps to adjust the viewing angle and reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.
  • It is made up of sturdy acrylic material.
  • It is lightweight, foldable, durable and portable.
  • The phone stand has suction cups and non-slip grooves to securely hold the phone in place.
  • It is easy to use and store.
  • It is also a simple device and affordable.

It may not be a perfect gadget but it is nonetheless considered one of the best phone screen magnifiers out there. However, each viewer may have a different opinion on the clarity of the magnifier.


  • It is best to view at a certain distance away from the face and at a slightly elevated angle.
  • Get the perfect eye level for it to work wonderfully.
  • Emphasis is made by many to position it just right.
  • Get right lighting for lesser glare.
  • The suction cups may not work with all phone cases.

Selfie ring light

What is it?

It is a circular LED light that fits around your phone’s camera lens or which your camera goes through it. Ring light goes around webcam giving a higher quality outcome of videos or photos. It aims to cast even light on the subject.

  • It is a popular beauty tool that is used mainly for streaming.Right lighting
  • Emphasize detail and hide shadows by their circular design.
  • It is great for photos and lighting for videos.
  • It is considered safe for the eyes.
  • Broader lights produce softer lights

Let us look at an example of Selfie ring lights

LED Ring Light 8 inches with tripod stand

  • It has 3 color modes
  • 11 brightness levels
  • 8-inch ring light

It gives out great lighting which helps to create a softer transition from body lines to the background.


  • Do not make the room hot nor is it a fire hazard gadget.
  • Easily eliminates shadows on the face providing a flattering light source.
  • Illuminates the eyes and produce a halo.
  • Inexpensive and enhance facial features.


  • The light quality diminishes with time.

Since teens tend to be greatly concerned with their looks, this gadget will help to improve their looks with their online videos.

My Final Thoughts

It is plain to see how value can be added to a teen’s phone through gadgets. These items will enable them to use their phone fully. We should also find ways to help them to safeguard their phone for longer use.

By enhancing something we give it so much more value. To a teen, we are also gifting joy for they will get so much more fun out of their phones.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Kindly share your thoughts on the topic in the comment below.

2 thoughts on “Cool Gadgets For Teens: Accessories For Phones”

  1. This is my favorite topic – teens. I love them. This is an ironic post, to encourage them to use their phones more and in a better way. I love it.  While they mostly get the heat for always being on their phones, look at the time we are in now, everybody is on their phone due to the lockdown and staying at home. lol. but this is a very refreshing post, to see that you are thinking of ways to keep them engaged and safe while using their phones is great! thank you! 

    • Hi Chika,

      What a lovely response. I guess that you have caught the essence of my article here. Encouraging teens to find better ways to engage themselves but at the same time providing us with ideas on what to gift them.

      Who knew that we would be using even more of our phones at this point!

      I know of teens who are literally doing their school work on their phones! They receive lessons via WhatsApp on their phone and they screenshot their answers back to their teachers. Then there is a relay between them for the markings. My teenage daughter is actually using that method now and it’s working great.

      In tough times such as now, we need to give support as much as we can. Needless to say, that our teens need that as well.

      I appreciate you for sharing your sentiment on this topic.



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