Cool Gift Ideas For Teen Boys in Sky related Items

Gifting your teen with the treasures in the sky or actually showing them what can really be seen up there can turn out to be a magnificent act on your part. Things of the sky can be more captivating to a teenage boy.

Now, schooling years, books and even TV programs may have at one point, introduced your teen to the sky. Let’s take it a step further and fascinate them with it! Give them a chance to explore the above.

Teens are forever bending down with eyes fixed on a smart device or face buried in a text book. How about getting them to lift their head up and discover a whole new world. If this idea makes your heart skips a bit in hope, continue reading below to find out what you can gift your teen especially your teenage boy this Christmas or on any occasion to start this new trend. You can find funny gifts for teen boys here.


Teach your teen to just look up and discover a whole new universe with the Orion 10015 StarBlast Telescope which is excellent for star gazing. It is perfect to admire the night sky with. It will feel as if the universe is at their doorstep.

To look into a telescope and discover some hidden gems is an unshakable feeling that will keep your teen looking up. This is one great hobby that your teen can certainly get involved in.

A telescope is an awesome way to discover the millions of unseen stars. Your teen will be awed by seeing clusters of stars.


This device is also very good to view the moon up close and personal. The moon will no longer look the same from then on. They will actually see a more detailed moon and get the chance to see a satellite or two.

It is totally the beginner’s telescope that your teen will need. The sky is a fascinating place and you will be amazed at the wonderful things that one can spot out with this wonderful tool.


  • The age range is for 13years old and up which is very appropriate since you are giving it to a teen.
  • It is considered to be very easy to set up and use.
  • It is in fact ready for use straight out of the box.
  • It is portable and favorable for on the go.


  • Have low magnification.

Tips: You can buy extra lenses to add on for greater viewing.

Home planetarium projector

A planetarium is a theater built to show case astronomy and the night sky.


Here, however we are talking about the portable planetarium which can be used at home. A typical one is the Homestar classic planetarium. It is one of the reasonable home planetariums that can be found out there.

Since we are on a mission to encourage sky watching, this device will enhance your teen’s excitement by creating the planetarium effect into their very own room.

The experience of viewing the stars from one’s bed can be very appealing. Picture your teen counting stars until they fall asleep.

It comprises an on and off switch, a timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes and a shooting star feature. You can opt to turn on or off the shooting star feature. It also has a great rotation feature which can be turned from North to South.


  • You can see the stars moving as if for real.
  • It has a shooting star function which is quite cool.
  • The humming from the device appears to also have a calming effect which induces a good night sleep.


  • It however comes with only 2 discs but other great discs can be purchased separately.
  • The instruction manual is in Japanese but to operate it is quite straight forward.


  • It is advisable to adjust the lens for greater viewing; that is turning the focus dial all the way.
  • Accompany this device with an astronomy book so that your teen will know what they are looking at.

The effect of a real night sky on their bedroom’s ceiling makes for a great gift.


Drone is the appropriate device to provide a view of the world from up above. The Ryze Tech Tello is an ideal drone for your teen. It is all about aerial photography and filming. This is yet another hobby that your teen can get into.

At present time they may not be permitted to spend so much time outside. They nonetheless can still capture the outside splendor from above. It is considered as the best drone for beginners at an affordable prize.


  • It is a very good drone to start with as a beginner for it is quite durable.
  • It is well-built and powerful for its price.
  • It is definitely ideal for learning how to play with drones at a low cost.
  • It is an awesome way to learn how to fly.



  • Its session is not very long.
  • You can easily lose control of it in the wind.

Things that need to be done:

  • You need to download the Tello App from the App store.
  • Get connected to the Tello’s WiFi signal (tap on stay connected even when there is no internet in case your phone is Android).
  • Put your phone on airplane mode (iPhone); reduces loss of control on the drone.
  • Buy micro USB cable separately to charge the battery.
  • Need to update firmware.
  • Redo WiFi setup each time you are going to reuse it to reconnect.

Teens can capitalize and gain experience with this sturdy device so that they can handle the more advance drones.

This is a great drone for kids and definitely for teens for this drone promotes learning while having fun through programming. There is a mobile programming App that support Scratch that teens can use to control their Tello drone.


  • Buy an extra battery to switch over to double play time with the toy.
  • You can buy a Bluetooth controller to maximize enjoyment.
  • It is best to be used during day time for it doesn’t work well in dim light.

It is important to note that the videos that you capture will not be so great. The pictures however do look real great. Due to its small size, it is more suited for indoor use or for calm days outside.

My final say

All of these items will get your teen to experience the world from another perspective. Their target is the sky and beyond. This is a very good way to get them to break their self-absorbent trend and pay more attention to the world around them.

Even more so, both you and I can see why these sky items can catch a teenage boy’ interest.

I sincerely believe that we can encourage passion in a gift or even enhance one. So if you happen to see your teen heading in the right direction, don’t hesitate to provide that little push they need.

You can find another way to engage your teen to the outside world here.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi there,

    I always wanted to buy a telescope for my son, but I never did because he wanted wasn’t really interested. What he likes, it’s the Drone. The one that you show in the article looks great. I am trying to find a link so I can check this further in the online shop. Is it possible to know how much cost the Drone? I am really interested.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Daniella,

      Thank you for showing interest in my article. A beginners drone will be awesome for your boy. There are a variety on the Amazon site. I am sorry that I don’t have a direct link at present time but it will be added soon. In the mean time just browse for the drone’s name on the Amazon site where you will find further details and its actual price.

      By introducing him with the drone, I have hope that his interest in a telescope might develop later on. This is a good move on your part. 

      All the best!

  2. Getting gifts have not always been my strong point and I really like to get gifts for those people who are dear to me but I end up asking someone else to get it for me while I present it. However, these are some really nice ideas that I would gladly take and get for my son on his coming birthday soon. Thank you 

    • Hi Justin,

      No worries. Many people encounter the same problem as you when it comes to getting gifts. I am therefore glad that this article will eventually come to your aid in getting a birthday gift for your son. The process becomes so much easier once we have clues on what to give accordingly.

      Thank you for taking time to read and leave a comment.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing here. Having the right gift idea and knowing what to get to surprised our beautiful little ones can really make the whole difference and help strestrengthen our relationship with them. What you shared here is very good to see. Surely a great post here and it makes a lot of sense here thumbs up to you

    • Hi Nath,

      We are our kids’ providers so that is what we need to do; provide for them. That doesn’t mean that we should only give them bare necessities. Though it is tricky at times especially with teens on board, I do agree with you that by giving them appropriate and delightful gifts do strengthen family ties.

      I deduct from your comment that you do love your kids and that is great. Giving them gifts no matter how small or big will reinforce that message of love especially if they know the real value behind the act.

      Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it.



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