Fun Crafts For Teens: Diamond Art Painting Kits

Diamond painting is a great craft for teens. They can get lots of pleasure out of enhancing a painting with only diamonds and coming out with a masterpiece. It is definitely a worthwhile gift to consider for teens since it promotes relaxation in them.

What is diamond painting?

It is mostly described as a combination of cross-stitch and paint by numbers whereby you use an applicator to apply rhinestones on adhesive color-coded canvas painting to produce dazzling diamond art. In other words, it is a form of painting with said “ diamonds”.

I believe that it is both a craft and art because its result is astonishing and very satisfying.

Benefits of diamond painting

There are great benefits that teenagers can reap from such a delightful activity.

  • Overall, it has positive effects on mental, emotional and intellectual health.
  • Diamond painting is a stress-free activity thus allowing our brain to relax. Teenagers can definitely benefit from that. Who wouldn’t?
  • It is also a way to keep teens busy and being very productive.
  • It keeps teens away from their gadgets for a while thus reducing screen time.
Diamond painting
Diamond painting

It is easy to do and teens don’t even have to be an expert in painting. It is therefore clear to see why this can be ideal for your teen.

Types of diamond painting

There are 2 main types of diamond painting.

Partial drill diamond art

This uses diamonds as accents on parts of a printed canvas only. This means that you will get a printed picture with some places indicating where diamonds should be placed.


  • It is less expensive.
  • The project can be completed in a short time.


  • It is less beautiful.
  • Since it is partially painted with diamonds it loses some of the sparkling effects.

Full drill diamond art

This involves covering paintings with diamonds from edge to edge.

Pros: They usually produce a more beautiful outcome.

Cons: It tends to be more expensive since you are covering a larger area with diamonds.

To choose which kit will fit your teen, think of the effect that you expect your teen to get out of it. The aim is to end up with a sparkling painting that shines with color.

Just bear in mind that diamond painting takes some time to complete and your teen will expect a good result out of it.

Tools needed in a diamond painting kit

Tools usually make a big difference in the outcome of a craft. A diamond painting kit usually consists of an adhesive canvas, diamonds, applicator and drill tray which are the basic things needed for this craft.

Adhesive canvas

The canvas should be soft and of good quality fabric. The flat underside of the resin diamonds adheres nicely to smooth canvas. Cheap canvases are stiff and have creases so diamonds don’t stick well on them. They tend to create folds. So it is better to get a good quality canvas in the first place to avoid disappointments from your teen.


  • Tape down the corners of your canvas to keep it flat.
  • Pull off the protective film on the canvas in small portions to avoid getting adhesive with hand.
  • If your teen is relatively new to this type of painting use projects that are below 12×12 inches. Otherwise, teenagers may get overwhelmed with larger projects.


The said diamonds are actually the resins. They are also referred to as diamond beads, drills, dots or rhinestones (imitation diamonds).

The different types of diamonds are:

Round diamonds

These are easy to handle and fast to use. It is a good choice for beginners.

Square diamonds

5D diamonds
5D diamonds

These are mosaic tile-style diamonds. They fit nicely together edge to edge giving out the look of a more complete painting. It requires a bit more effort to handle though.

Aurora Borealis(AB) diamonds

These give off a shimmering rainbow effect just like that of the Northern Lights. They are mostly used as accents to create a glow effect across a finished painting.

Diamonds also have different number of facets:

3D diamond has 9 facets; 3 on each of the 3 sides of the diamond.

5D diamond has 15 facets; 5 on each of the 3 sides.


  • Pay attention to the quality of the rhinestones. Low quality will give an unpleasant-looking finished piece.
  • Avoid cheap diamond art because you will get poor quality diamonds.

Diamond drill pen

It is also referred to as an applicator pen and is also included in the diamond painting kit. It is a more traditional option. The pen is dipped in wax or glue and then a diamond is picked up with it. The diamond is then dropped into position on the canvas.

Glue or wax

A form of adhesive is provided in the diamond art kit in the form of glue or wax. This makes transferring diamonds to their appropriate place much easier. The same drop of adhesive can be used again to place more gems.

Ziploc bags

This allows the sorting out of diamonds in each bag and labeling them accordingly.

Diamond trays

This enables easy access to the diamonds that are being worked with.

Additional tools

Some accessories can go a long way to improve the diamond painting experience of your teen.

  • An easel or drawing board that tilts to avoid neck strain.
  • Storage facilities to keep their project safe and in one place.
  • Foldable magnifier to have better precision while handling the diamonds.
  • The light pad can illuminate each diamond from beneath and reduce eye strain. It also reduces mistakes and accidents in the artwork.
  • Tweezers are also great aids in the handling of diamonds.
  • Extra diamond trays.


  • If your teen is into recycling, encourage the use of an empty egg carton to organize their diamonds. It is easier to close the carton and store it away when not in use.
  • They may need to take some time beforehand to organize themselves before the real fun begins.
  • Adhere diamonds next to their symbol on the canvas for quicker reference.

For the best quality diamond painting, select the best supplier. However, if it is only for a trial it is easy to come about since this craft is becoming a famous hobby for people of all ages. You can actually choose from a list of different collections to find the perfect painting for your teen.

To acquire a satisfying artwork these are paramount in a diamond painting kit:

  • Quality diamonds. This will impact the end product looks.
  • Quality tools. E.g. fine pointed tweezers to help place and fix the diamonds in place.
  • Quality canvas: It should be sturdy and soft for a smooth layout with a clean and high-resolution design printed on it.

The best kit for teens

Diamond art

A full-drill kit with 5D diamonds will produce the most beautiful painting. It has much more sparkles and shines. It provides a thicker and fuller appearance in the picture which will be best for teens. Essentially this will make it more exciting and challenging for them.


  • Make sure that you choose a small canvas to start with to unleash their potential rather than frustration.
  • Also, choose a theme or style that your teen will love; check their room for guidance.

It is also worth noting that diamond painting can also be customized whereby you paint your own photos with diamonds. Then teenagers can offer their painting as a personal gift.

With a finished diamond painting, a teen can frame it and hang it up on their bedroom wall.

My final thoughts

Diamond painting is all about bringing out the fun. In this unpredictable time keeping your teen busy and happy is a must. Painting with diamonds to make pictures livelier may be one of those means to brighten them up.

This will definitely unfurl the artist in them. It is a great project for teens which can easily transform into a new hobby. The overall benefits speak for themselves.

Thank you for reading my article.

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