Garden for Teens: Indoor Herb Garden Planter

An indoor herb garden planter in the hands of a teen serves to enhance the excitement of growing and consuming produce from one’s own garden.

In trying to get teens in touch with what goes on their plate, growing food in something that is appealing visually or for its ease of use is so thrilling. One of the many indoor garden planters out there that is fitting to a teen is the smart garden.

A smart garden for growing herbs indoor

This is a worthy little garden for any teen who is just beginning to garden or who simply loves nature.

The smart garden is one great way to get them into gardening the easy way as well as being conscious of what they eat. Introducing them with herbs can easily evolve into growing vegetables, fruits, or even flowers.

Let’s explore

What is a smart garden?

It is a small indoor unit for growing vegetables or herbs. Making use of various means, it alerts the owner as to when to add nutrients.

  • It manages its own lighting
  • Has automatic watering
  • Premixed fertilizer
  • Adapted heat levels

It is more or less an indoor planter that can basically help you grow herbs or other food with a high success rate.

Smart Garden
Smart Garden

The small garden unit which is based on smart gardening will certainly help your teen to adopt simple methods of cultivating their own food.

Though when speaking about a smart garden we are mostly referring to the technology side of it, there are other elements that are considered as smart. Such as:

The use of smart soil

This is soil that has already been prepared with the right amount of nutrients for the proper growth of plants. This means that your growing plant will need little to no intervention.

Making use of LED light

LED light bulbs best mimic natural daylight and help plants with photosynthesis for healthy growth. They are energy sufficient, have longevity, and emit a low level of heat. This makes it a popular option for growing plants especially indoors.

To further explore this method of gardening we will make use of a Smart Garden example that is appropriate to gain teenagers’ interest in gardening.

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Click and Grow

It has different versions. The Click and Grow 3 is a small unit. It has larger versions such as 9 and 27 which accounts for the number of pods it posses. Thus, the number 3 represents 3 pods which signifies that 3 plants can be grown in one go.

  • Click and Grow 3 is a small plastic unit.
  • Consists of 3 self-contained basil seed pods.
  • It has a water reservoir which enables the self-watering system. It needs to be refilled every 2-3 weeks.
  • Integrated and adjustable LED light, which is considered as the grow light feature for faster germination and plant growth.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Portable since it is small and light to move around with.
  • Best for herbs and salad greens.


Extra and various pods can also be bought separately namely herbs, vegetables, and flower pods. However, your teen can even use their own seeds and soil although the outcome may be different.

It also has a Smart App which is like having extra support for your teen assisting them in growing their plants. Sometimes they do it for them and they end up having better results.

How do the garden kit App works

  • It controls the aspects for optimum growth, that is water, air, light, nutrients, and proper temperature.
  • Drops your teen a reminder on their phone to add water or fertilizer similar to the Talking Tom feeding game that they used to play when younger.
  • It will tell them when the plants are ready to harvest.
  • Suggestions of different recipes are also available.

Tip: The really smart kits have sensors and ready-mixed fertilizers to avoid the pain of precise measuring.

Below are some pros and cons of the Click and Grow 3


  • Small and compact
  • It looks nice
  • Reduces daily trips to the market for fresh veg. An easy solution to having organic veggies at home.
  • Can go up to 2 weeks without human attention.
  • The App allows your teen to check in on their plant even when they are away from home.
  • Fun and easy to use.
  • You just have to click, add water, plug it in and watch your plant grow.
  • Can reuse seed pods.
  • Great for small spaces.


  • Can only grow a few plants at a time.
  • Have to wait for the next plant to mature.
  • No continuous supply.
  • Your teen won’t magically grow an array and stack of produce all at once. You will still need to buy your greens from the market from time to time.
  • Refill seed pods are expensive.
  • The bright light that the kit emits might create a disturbance since the light is so bright.

Why invest in Click and Grow for teens

The idea of a smart garden was designed to fit a need. Though its original aim was to help NASA to grow food in space, it has become an effective tool for many of us here below.

We often think that it is hard to grow our own food which this smart garden has proven differently. When we actually make use of the right tools to do so the opportunity is limitless. Therefore, this is why a smart garden in your home is the perfect way to show teens that food can be grown with ease.

Furthermore, here are some benefits of an indoor garden kit.

Benefits of growing plants indoors

  • Food can be grown throughout the whole year.
  • It can be done over and over again.
  • During plant growth, the air gets purified.
  • It is great for learning purposes.
  • There is nothing easier and more pleasant than harvesting indoors.

When all has been said, a smart garden is not really smart. The added technology do serves to provide good suggestions though like watering time, fertilization time, and harvesting time. The garden typically sustains its self and the digital technology just provides extra support.

Indoor Herb Garden
Indoor Herb Garden

However, the little work that needs to be done is mostly done manually. I mean being realistic the App cannot harvest the plants for you.

My final thoughts

A smart garden is a modern plant growing tool that can facilitate life and attract young ones to grow their own food. The ease of using one definitely makes gardening way more interesting. It enhances your teen’s gardening experience as well as enhancing plant care.

I can easily say that having some greens at their fingertip is one step closer to getting teens to be more conscious of their health and the environment.

If you have more ideas on interesting garden ideas for teens, do drop them in the comment area below.

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4 thoughts on “Garden for Teens: Indoor Herb Garden Planter”

  1. This is a great gift idea for teens, since it combines growing something natural on your own as a sort of “project” but still allows them to use their smartphone (heh).  I could also see it being great for beginners to gardening, since it is so small, is designed for the indoors, and doesn’t require as much heavy work as a real garden.  It could be a small joy to see something grow out of this little garden.

    • Hi Max,

      A smart garden is definitely ideal for teens and any garden beginners as well. The technology side of it is a plus but I just wish that it was a bit more in-depth.

      Nonetheless, this model of gardening suits anyone who does not have much time to spare in a traditional garden which is perfect for a busy teen. The same goes for its small footprint and portability.

      Thank you for sharing your views.


  2. I was wondering, when I started with all this “indoor garden thing”, how long do herb plants live indoors?

    And I have discovered some things worth sharing. First, annual herbs will only live over one season and are expected to live from only 1-4 months. And that is depending upon the plant before they will stop leaf production, make flowers, and go to seed. And second, I would also like to mention an exception to the rule. And it is Parsley which is biennial and lives for about 1 year before going to seed.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for this great input. With most herbs lasting for only a couple of months, it is important therefore to have new seedlings at hand to continue production. This is where the idea of extra pods for your teen garden fits in. 

      I do agree that Parsely tends to last longer. I do have one in my kitchen since last year which is slowly coming to the end of production. I do however have a backup that is coming up nicely. Needless to say that this is to ensure my continuous use of fresh herbs from the comfort of my home.

      Thanks again Ann for this great insight.



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