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Did gift basket ever cross your mind as a gift for teens? I am sure it has. The real question is what to put in the basket as gifts? Well this should not be so hard to figure out. It’s all about compiling a neat set of attractive and sensible items for your teen. It is also about choosing a theme to simplify your task.

There are two ways of going about doing this. One is by preparing your very own gift basket. The other one is by purchasing a readymade gift basket.

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Let’s take a look at preparing your own gift basketGift box

What to look for?

Here are some great ideas of such items according to themes. With each I will include an idea or two of special touch to your gift basket.

Sport and outdoor theme basket

This is great for boys and girls alike. You can get an assortment of items related to the sport or outdoor activities that they like. You can provide some protective gear such as mouth guard and shin guard. Sport equipment may include balls, nets or even bats depending on the sport in mind. Adding some accessories like a sport bag or water bottle can be well appreciated.

Furthermore, with a sport involving balls, you can include a sport ball maintenance kit with pump, needles, flexible hose, and pressure gauge and carry bag.

Special touch features

Just for fun, you can put an Outdoor face bandanna in the basket. This lightweight silk cloth which you can wear on your face helps to cool you down, protect you from UV light and keep stuff like dirt and pollen away from your face. This is perfect for activities like jogging or cycling.

Some athletics socks will be a great bonus too.

Branded or personalized items theme basket

Go for a set of branded or personalized items. This will create a sense of uniqueness. If you know of a personal brand favorite of the teen, go for it. It can be a variety of the small version or just a big one. For example, you can get big pencils or crayons or various mini nail polish. If your teen does not have a favorite brand then you may just as well go for a popular brand.

A touch of uniqueness will be personalizing a hand towel or wash cloth. Write their name on it or write the name of their pet on a soft toy.

Special touch feature

Selecting items according to your teens favorite color can also add up in getting more personal.

Tips: Branded items can be in the form of caps, t-shirts, pens, koozies, mugs and keyrings. The same applies for personalized items.

Fun theme basket

A basket full of fun can easily please a teenager. The basket can be filled up with silly items, jokes and games. Anything that screams out fun for teen will do.

Things like funny socks can bring about laughter. Silly stickers or comic books will do nicely. There are a variety of funny items on Amazon that you can check out.

Special touch feature

Give the basket a party feeling. You can add glitters and party crackers and even a party banner.

Personal care theme basket

Now imagine a basket full of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, roll on, perfume, spray, hair food, gel, shaving cream, razors, talc and comb.

These can sound like ordinary stuffs but if you add a touch to it, it can be an amazing basket full of gifts. Take the toothbrush. In this instance, rather than buying an ordinary one, get fancy with an electric toothbrush. For a teenage boy you can throw in some disposable razors but a durable permanent one can be the extra touch needed.

Spa items also falls into this category which consists of washcloth, bath puff, nail tools (nail cutter, nail file, nail brush, foot file), body wash and shower gel, facial mask).Toileteries

Special touch feature

To break the toiletry feeling you can insert a soft toy in the midst. It can be in the form of a teddy bear, emoji or a special character bringing back childhood memories.

An oil burner with scented candles and oils as well as matches can also lively up this basket.

Essentials theme basket

You know how we go on about first aid kit. Why not make a basket of other essential items like a sewing kit especially if your teen is into sewing. In it you can include assorted needles, colored threads, scissors, and buttons. You can also include some cloth materials. Affordable essential kit can be found here.

Gardening items is also an interesting area. Consider providing different types of gardening tools (gloves, hand trowel, hand fork and secateurs) various seeds and pots.

How about some baking utensils? You can look for rolling pin, egg beater, baking tins, measuring cups and spoons. These will do for a good start in baking.

Special touch feature

In each you can also provide a magazine or books on related topics.

Tips: Don’t overlook the basket as being a useful gift in itself. It can be of anything but to make it more worthwhile try something which can be used. Like a nice plastic pot, bin or an organizer. For example; a larger pot may be used as your basket to hold your gardening gift items and a large baking tray will do for the baking utensils.  It doesn’t hurt to think creatively along your gift theme.

Food theme

If you are aiming for a get well soon gift for a teen, a food theme basket will be great. A nutritious basket filled with dairy products (yogurt, cheese and milk), Cereals and fillings (jam, marmite, cheese spread and peanut butter).

A basket full of snacks is another gift that can be offered. Tend to select different samples of their favorite snacks for them to try out. You can get big packets and a handful of small packets of different flavored snacks to make it all the more interesting.Treats

Special touch feature

The nutritious basket can be topped off with assorted fruits, and assorted candies and chocolate can top off the snacks basket (if you want to go into that direction).

Tips: Be sure to check for any allergies beforehand.

You can also check out some other consumable gift ideas here.

Assorted basket theme

This is where you get to have no specific theme at all. You can assemble together different type of items. You may go for wall decors, school items, party favorites, you name it.

Special touch feature

Make one item the grab attention feature. Like a phone or other gadgets. The aim is to make one thing stands out.

Tips: All family members can pitch in to make this a real treat. So your basket gets to be as big or as small as you want it to be.

Now, let’s take a look at readymade gift basket.

Aside from making your own gift basket there are also some lovely readymade baskets out there. These baskets have been gracefully assembled to accommodate different taste. They consist of different theme oriented goodies such as those above and so much more.

Some valid reasons why you might want to purchase a readymade basket are:

  • You are on a tight schedule.
  • You are out of time.
  • Your items are too far apart to create your own basket.
  • You cannot come up with the ideal gift.
  • You still don’t know how to put a basket together.
  • You want a professional touch.
  • You want a surprise delivery.
  • Or you are simply overwhelmed with the whole idea.

A readymade basket will do in such circumstances. Different baskets can be offered for different occasions so it is worthwhile to take note of this as well.

Here are some ways of how not to prepare a gift basket for teens.

Not paying attention to allergens.

  • If you know that the teen is allergic to certain things avoid them because it won’t be of use to them nor fun.

Treating them like a small kid.

  • Avoid wacky childish things.
  • Instead, go for popular items in their age group.
  • You may want to bring back childhood memories but find you way about it.

Burdening them with things you know that they won’t like.

This will just defeat the purpose of your gift basket.

To sum it all

As you can see, gift baskets have the tendency to be very interesting and engaging. To present it as a gift to a teenager it must have an interesting allure. In a teens eye it might turn out to be seen as a basket full of love.

A gift basket is like giving a bit more than usual. It is more like a compilation of things which aims at creating happiness.

Whether you are creating your own gift basket or you are buying one which has already been put together, you have to have your teen in mind. Giving him or her that exceptional gift is your target. This article may also help you find the right gift for your teen.

Thank you for reading my post. Any comments or new ideas that you may have on the topic will de very much appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Gift Basket For Teens”

  1. I have not hit the point yet of having to shop for a teenager, because my girls are still in elementary school, but am dreading when that day comes, for I’ve heard that it is hard to please teenagers. 

    Your basket suggestions are on point, and can be used for creating a gift basket for anyone really. My personal favorite would be the snack or chocolate themed baskets, so that they could bring a sweet smile to someones face. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your tips, and may you continue to keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for taking time to drop a comment Brandy. I do hope that when the time comes for you to offer a gift basket, especially to a teen, that your choice will be much appreciated.

      Yes teenagers are hard to please but as you can see, there are great ways of giving them gifts. Sometimes we just need to think out of the box and see them for who they are.

      Lovely to hear from you.

  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, I think the special touch feature is one of the most important ones as teens like to get that special feeling as it makes the anticipate and cant wait to open…But mostly the content really matters.

    • Thank you for your sincere comment. Yes teenagers do like to feel special. I guess we all do. The best part of it all is if we are able to really please them. A positive feedback will indicate that we chose well.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


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