Gift Ideas For A Teenage Boy: Funny Gifts

Upon giving a gift to someone, we seek to make them happy or at least to see a smile upon their faces. (Even a little grin) Have you ever wanted that for your teenager? You and I both know that this is a difficult group of individuals to please accordingly. I would not even go into the debate about choosing a gift for a teenage boy. (Let alone, finding one. Not right now anyway.)

Bear in mind that there are simple ways that you can find a gift for a teen. Here is a list of gifts that leans towards their humorous side. A couple of funny gift ideas that will cheer up your teenage boy.


Beard hat (Beard Head Stubble Cruiser Beard Beanie – Funny Knit Hat and Fake Beard Facemask)

It is exactly what its name denotes; a beanie with a beard. These hats actually come with a story behind them.

Once upon a time, The Beard Head Family was facing a crisis. Their faces were cold. The beard head’s creator was frustrated with the use of bandanna to cover his face from the blowing snow, while he carved mountains. Thus, the idea popped up and a wonderful creation took place. “The beard Head.”

  • It is a 100% authentic, original handmade beard hat, serves to keep your head as well as your face warm during cold winters. (Make sure that you are not purchasing imitations or cheap replicas!)
  • The beard and mustache face mask is detachable and adjustable. It has Velcro that allows it to be detached or adjusted to the beanie for comfort. You can easily tighten, loosen or remove the beard mask from the beanie as you desire.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the product, the Beard Head business owners will offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Funny head
Funny head

As I see it, the bearded head can be used for fun, play the role of different characters, and not only to keep the face warm. They will be great with Halloween costumes or when camping in cold weather. What a funny and functional gift! I especially like the look of these on chubby faces!!


  • Check out the Greybeard version. Whom does it remind you of?
  • There are other styles as well. Dreadlocks, long and fluffy beards. Take your pick.
  • Pssst; if the little one also desires one, there are those of his size. I mean come on. Who wouldn’t want a beard?

Humor book (F is for Effort-More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers Paperback – July 11, 2012)

Humor is described as the ability to produce laughter or amusement. This humorous book offers the possibility to do so. It comes with a brand new collection of hilarious and inventive wrong test answers and homework hiccups.

Featuring in this book are:

  • “Two halves make a whale”. From elementary school.
  • Q: What does “germinate” mean? A: To become a German citizen. From middle grades.
  • Q: Fossil fuels are usually associated with which major type of rock? A: Classic rock. From high school.

Have you ever bluff or blunder your way through a test? Do you think that your kid could have ever done the same? Then these 250 examples of the creative invention may very well charm you and your kid.


  • This will not take a long time to read through but it will be a hilarious read. Isn’t that what fun is all about?
  • Your teen boy can share this book with friends. Pointing out their own mistakes and having a laugh over it.

Funny mug (Mug with a hoop)

The story behind The Mug With A Hoop.

The Mug With A Hoop was created by an 8-year-old named Max, who had the ingenious idea to put a basketball hoop on a mug for tossing marshmallows into hot cocoa.

The mug is designed to have fun with your food. Marshmallows can be tossed into cocoa, crackers into soup, or toppings onto ice cream. How fun can eating suddenly become.

The mug is designed to have fun with your food. Marshmallows can be tossed into cocoa, crackers into soup, or toppings onto ice cream. How fun can eating suddenly become.

Funny mug
Funny mug

Appropriate for all ages so the whole family can join in the fun.

Quality Gifting

  • Mugs are kiln-fired.
  • Have high-quality stoneware.
  • Oversize 16 ounce mugs measures 6.5″ L x 5″ W x 4.5″ H.
  • Ceramic and dishwasher-safe.
  • They are packed in fanciful packaging that tells the story behind the product.
  • Due to its hand-painted nature, each mug is unique and will vary slightly.

What is so special about this mug?

  • It serves to engage and entertain.
  • From a kid’s idea, it grew into a patent product.
  • A dyslectic person himself, Max chooses to donate 5 percent of his profits to dyslexia-related charities like, which are dedicated to empowering parents of kids like himself.


BEWARE: Make sure you buy a MAX’IS Creations ORIGINAL to evade disappointment.
Choose the correct mug size that you want.
There are also soccer, hockey, baseball, football mugs available from this manufacturer.

Funny socks (Black Hi-Top)

This is a way for your teen to express his individualism. With novelty socks such as the Black Hi-Top and many others of the same genre, this will definitely bring the humor out of a sock and out of your teen.

They are indeed washable and are made up of 85% cotton, 10% poly, 5% elastic for a soft and comfortable fit.

It is an ideal gift for slumber parties or for the overall completion of a costume or plainly just for fun.

Funny socks
Funny socks


  • According to some reviews, these are not very high-quality socks but they will definitely serve their purpose as funny socks.
  • Do check appropriate size.
  • There are other styles such as white socks sandals, soccer, fishing, red Santa, etc. available.

Build-On Brick Mug

This is yet another amusing way for your teen to enjoy their tea, hot chocolate while watching a movie or any other beverage. I know that many will be fascinated with this mug as they get engrossed with fitting the Legos. These little parts have the tendency to remain a favorite across the board.

By fidgeting with these, it will be a source of means to reduce stress and just enjoy your hot chocolate.

Some other advantages of this mug are:

  • Most regular Legos will fit on it.
  • It can be used for decorative purposes.
  • It is a toy double as a mug that fits any age.

I am sure that this small gift will smother your teen’s heart.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys help to de-stress as one of my friends put it.  They are really fun to handle. It is easy to see how one can improve a teen’s mood so this is why I have suggested a couple more apart from the fun build-on brick mug above.

There is an assortment of them which any teen will love.  Some very good examples are:


This is a giant stress ball for kneading and squeezing. The fun of it is that in some varieties when you manipulate it, it displays different colors which is a delight to the eyes.

Stretchy rubber noodles

Just like its name says, they are stretchy string-like noodles that you can tug on. These can be great fun at parties as party favors.

Push pop bubble

This is similar to popping packaging wrap. It is a soft toy that is easy to fiddle.

Just looking at one of these items will trigger the happy hormone in your teen.

To sum it all

I sincerely hope that these items above will do the trick for your particular teenage boy. (The magic smile or grin.) It is amazing how each one of us finds joy in different things. Some with a little item other in a book or a silly phrase. Humor can certainly find its way to someone in any form.

Being joyful is a gift on its own, therefore don’t miss out the chance to share it with your teen. This warm and cozy feeling will serve as wonderful memories to your kid in years ahead.

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Joyous hunting to you all.

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