Good Christmas Gifts For Teen Boys

Teen boys present a challenge when it comes to gift selection more so for Christmas time. Shopping for them can be quite disconcerting mostly when you have no idea of what to give them. Each year the challenge seems to peak higher. Bear in mind that it is never too early to get into the momentum of gift perusal for such an occasion and for a hard to please group at that.

Below are a couple of gifts that you may find ideal for your teen boy.

Led sport watch

This will be fashionably welcomed by a teenage boy. The Fanmis military led watch is a cool accessory which is multi functional.


  • It has a calendar which displays day of the week, month and date of the month.
  • It also has an alarm and stop watch.
  • It is shock resistant.
  • It is water resistant, so showers and even a swim can be taken while wearing it.
  • Telling time is made fun in the dark as it has back light LED display of 7 colors which is prone to amaze your teen.
  • It is beautifully designed with a compass window purely for decoration.
  • It displays military as well as standard time.
  • It is durable and sturdy and is considered as a great watch at such an affordable price.


  • It is big and quite bulky so you may need to take note of this for your particular teen.
  • The compass window though attractive is nonfunctional. This is noteworthy to avoid disappointment.

Tips: Good for outdoor and messy activities because you can just wash everything off the watch under the tap. However, do make sure that you follow the instruction carefully and that you don’t press any button while the watch is in water.

Waterproof digital camera

The Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera is a camera that is ideal for a teenager who likes to take videos and pictures at all given opportunities. It comes with a variety of mounts in its accessories kit which are suitable for different places like inside and outside of a car, on a bike or even on Waterproof Digital Camerasurfboards. It is very cost-effective for a teen. It is a very nice device for beginners who wants to have some fun underwater pictures and videos.

  • Included are 1 Dragon Touch Vision 3 camera, 1 waterproof case, 2 batteries which can each record up to 90 minutes, 1 wireless remote control wristband, 1 charger which can charge both batteries at once, 1 micro USB cable.
  • It has built-in WiFi connection which make it possible to share videos and pictures.
  • The waterproof case works up to 30m. It also provides certain level of protections to the camera such as from scratches.
  • This camera works considerably well in and out of the water.

Tip: Its remote control is not waterproof.

E-reader (The Kindle Paperwhite)

What better way to give more books to our children than through an e-reader, may it be for fun or for learning purposes.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a good device which will keep your teenage son’s focus on reading. This e-reader is convenient because it can be used outdoor in the sun, has a long battery life and is waterproof. There are plenty of benefits in giving teens a Kindle Paperwhite.


  • Your teen can actually store loads of books on this small and light device.
  • It has an e-ink display which does not reflect light. This is very useful for your teen since he can enjoy reading both indoor and outdoor without much hassle.
  • Furthermore, it has in-built light which eliminates the need for external lights for reading.
  • It has a large enough display for a comfortable read. The font size can also be adjusted thus making it easier to read text at a convenient size and avoid eyes straining.
  • The long battery life is also very convenient since it allows for a longer period of reading without the frequent need to recharge it. It can actually last for weeks depending on the amount of reading done.
  • Being waterproof it will also allow your teenager to read anywhere, even at the pool or in the bath.


  • It does not have enough physical buttons.
  • It does not have USB-C support.

Gaming console (The Nintendo switch)

The Nintendo switch is a fun device for your teen to enjoy various numbers of games. It is actually both a console and a handheld device. It will keep any adolescence busy for quite a while as they try to reach the highest level in their game. They come in four delightful colors which are yellow, gray, turquoise and coral. Enough color to choose from to fit any teenager’s taste.

  • Screen size is 5.5inch LCD touchscreen with a 128×720 resolution.Nintendo switch
  • It is lightweight and small thus making this a very convenient device to walk around with.
  • It has a 32GB storage capacity which can be further enhanced by purchasing either a microSDHC or a microSDXC card up to 2TB.
  • The CPU/GPU is NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor.
  • It can be used for multiplayer games online or local wireless play with other owners.
  • It has a matte finish making it comfortable to hold.
  • It has long battery life of about 3 to 7 hours depending on which game you are playing.
  • It does take a couple of hours for it to charge which is around 3 hours.

LED gaming monitor-LG gaming monitor

To those that gaming matters the most, the 27 inch QHD IPS LG Ultragear gaming monitor will do wonderfully. It provides good quality picture, brightness and colors. This is a good gaming monitor which will compliment your teen’s gaming experience. It is also so much easier to come across.


  • No USB ports
  • No HDR
  • No wide gamut color support

Tip: When checking out reviews read the tittle product carefully because different specifications are reviewed on the same page.

Bottom line

All the aforementioned are great gifts to give a teen. You can clearly denote that whatever your teen likes, there is a reasonable gift out there for him. May it be he is a reader, a game player or even into photography, you can easily find gifts to fit his taste.

Remember that in gifting we are aiming to please our kids and connecting with them further. On special occasions such as Christmas, we just need to make it extra special. We should embrace each and every chance that we get to reconnect. In understanding the reasons behind giving gifts to teenagers may also help you to reconnect with your teen.

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