Good Gift Ideas For Teens: Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets

Health will always be a concern for us parents for our teens. At school, they are constantly being taught and reminded to eat healthily and fruits being an important part of their diet are among the top ones on the list. It is therefore our obligation to provide them with such essentials and it won’t even hurt to give them a basket full of fruits.

Why should we give teens fruits?

“Fruit is good for you”. We often hear that and we want our teens to get the right amount of vitamins and practice healthy eating. What better way to do that?

This in a sense, will keep teens moral up rather than clump up their brains. By feeding them with what they need is a way of showing our love for them.

Giving fruits to our teens also support the good habit learned from school.

You know how the saying goes “learning starts at home”. The school has emphasized it so we should support and safeguard the lesson taught now that our children are spending so much time at home.

How to provide fruits to teens?


Teens need snacks, especially when they are concentrating on school works. Get into the habit of encouraging healthy snacks during their breaks. This is where fruits can fit in. Yummy fruits can be accompanied by cookies or cheese.

Bring the good stuff to them

In other words, make the fruits available to them. Fruits are a good source of vitamins, more precisely vitamin C. As we know vitamins do not get stored in our bodies. They need to be taken on a daily basis.

Fresh Fruit Basket
Fresh Fruit basket

To reinforce this daily intake, give teens the right opportunity to do so. Make fruits accessible on countertops, in the refrigerator or on the dining room table. You know, places in the house that they visit frequently and cannot be missed.

Don’t let it be an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. This can be our greatest contribution to them health-wise.

Be consistent

As much as possible, provide fruits daily. Make it a must to buy at least a week worth of fruits before they need replenishment.

Take advantage of special occasions

If we don’t provide the choice to them, they will definitely choose food that is more appealing and not necessarily healthy for them. Therefore, take advantage of special occasions and make fruits more appealing so that good behavior can be reinforced. Such occasions can be birthdays, good achievements or even for the festive seasons.

Remember we are their guides and it is up to us to provide the good things. We should seize any opportunity that we see fit. So let’s see how an array of fruits in a basket can capture your teen’s attention.

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Gifting a homemade basket of fruits to teens

Fruits can be quite alluring when displayed in a basket. This is a great way to get your teen’s interest in them. Certain factors need to be taken into consideration while preparing your fruit basket.

The presentation

This is a very crucial point. The look of your gift needs to impress your teen. Your basket of fruits needs to be colorful and well organized. A dull one will lose its appeal and intent.

  • Consider the shape of your basket and the types of fruits you want to use.
  • Place larger fruits at the bottom, smaller ones on top and around the edges of the basket.
  • Grapes are considered as most graceful in bunches and a mixture of colors on top of other fruits.


  • You will mostly be discouraged to use delicate fruits such as raspberries or blueberries because they tend to get squashed and make a mess.
  • However, if these happen to be your teen’s favorite fruits simply include them by using a lovely bowl amidst your arrangement. It will serve as a dish for your teen to put their fruits in, to snack on afterward.

The content

The fruits themselves need to be inviting. One look at them should induce the desire to be eaten by your teen. So avoid blemished fruits. Any extras will serve to complement the gift; e.g. cheese or nuts.

Tip: Choose extras carefully. Take into consideration the teen’s allergies if he or she has any.

Personalizing the gift

This is the area that you can really get fancy. Find a way to address the gift directly to your teen. Like fitting in their taste in fruits, having their name on the basket or ribbon, sending a special message with the basket, etc…

Tip: You can choose an appropriate ribbon for the occasion such as by theme or color.

The fruit quantity

Make sure that there are enough fruits in the basket for sharing. Teens might get more pleasure out of their gift by sharing with others. There should be plenty also so that they can take time to enjoy it all.

Gifting fruits on special occasions might really do the trick by reinforcing the importance of eating them.

Fruit Basket
Fruit Basket

I remember in my teenage years my family was once invited to a New Year’s Eve get together at one of our neighbor’s house. Still, vivid in my memory is a large basket of strawberries sitting on their entrance table. My sisters and I were tempted to eat them. Fortunately, as we stepped in we were offered to take some. The delicious red fruits were a delight to bite in.

So you can only imagine the effect that a lovely basket of fruit can have on your teen. It will be a lasting impression. The very least you can do is give it a try.

Gifting a readymade fruit basket

At times we may find it difficult to buy or find fresh fruits on our own. In such circumstances, in order to have scrumptious fruits and not waste time assembling the basket ourselves, our other option is to have them delivered to our doorstep in a basket.

Baskets full of delicious fruits for your teens can be found here. With that special day coming up and you are unable to go in search of their favorite fruits it is much easier to just order a basket. Or why not, get the chance for them to taste exotic fruits that you yourself may not come by. That will be nice!

In choosing the ordering option it is essential that you pay attention to the delivery service of your provider. You surely don’t want to encounter poor or untimely service thus facing the risk of handling a disappointed or an upset teenager.

To sum it all

When done properly, a delicious basket of fruits could be one of the greatest gifts that you can get your teen. It will be definitely a sign that you care for their well-being.

Apparently, a fruit basket is a symbol of fruitfulness and new life. Who will not want that for their teen?

Sometimes we don’t realize that our teens are more health-minded than we give them credit for. It is up to us to present those opportunities to them.

Remember that anyone can be given a basket full of fruits at any given time. So go ahead and impress your teen with a basket of fruits. Here you can also find other types of gift basket.

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  1. Hello there! I think a fresh fruit gift basket would be great gifts for teens. It is much more healthier than other types of snacks. Additionally, I think by doing so, it helps them become more aware of what foods one should and should not eat as they start to experience some health benefits and more energy. And of course like you mentioned, the gift must be presentable and contain no fruits that are easily squashed. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Hi Mike

      Presenting teens with healthy snacks in the sense of fruits is definitely a plus. Many teens will consider it as a real treat.

      You are right about making them aware of the benefits of fruits through snacking on them. Healthy teens are what we are aiming for.

      Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment.



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