Good Gifts For Teenage Girls: Period Kit List

No girly should be caught off-guard without a period kit. This is one of the most convenient gifts to give preteen and teen girls.

Period is that time of the month when you should be more sensitive to your girl’s state of mind. Providing this particular kit as a gift will make it all the more special and easier to accept the inevitable changes to your teen. This list will enable you both to be better prepared to handle this each month. You can therefore see the reason why giving such gift is important.

Your teen is in need of a period kit and here is a list of the essential items below:

Essentials of a period kit

Panty liner

The first period is usually light so 3 panty liners should be sufficient. It may also serve as the initial barrier if your teen feels like the flow is coming but it is not there yet.


For those with heavy flow at least 3 pads should be included in the kit. This will cover their school-time as they may need to frequently change pads.

Extra underwearPeriod Kit

An extra panty is very useful, for your teen may soil the panty that she already has on. A spare one is definitely a must in her kit. I will suggest a solid black color panty which will discretely go under any clothing. If there is enough space a second colorful panty can be placed just to be more jovial. It may impact on her mood.

Ziploc bag

In this small bag she can store her extra panty. Once the clean panty has been taken out, the soiled panty can be placed in the Ziploc bag.

Hand sanitizer

This is very useful especially when no water is available to wash hands. Now more than ever your teen should have her personal sanitizer with her to observe good hygiene practices.


Now considering all that are needed her hold it all can be a special pouch, a cosmetic bag or large enough special purse to conveniently store all of her essentials inside.


PainkillersPeriod Cramps

My advice is not to let your teen rely too much on painkillers each and every time that she has period cramps. Otherwise, each month she will find herself taking a handful of them. More so, some schools don’t even allow medication with students. With given permission they will get access to some through the school health nurse.

Heat patch or wrap

When placed on the abdomen it quickly relieves cramps and reduces pain. It can serve as an alternative for medication.

Loose change

In case she runs out she can buy extra pad at a vending machine.

Feminine wipes

She can make use of biodegradable and non- scented wipes which should be disposed in bin and not in the toilet. It is not a must because she can easily make good use of plain toilette paper.

Booklet and calendar

Some kit will also include a booklet and a calendar. The booklet is usually full of tips about period for your teen. The calendar will make it easier for your teen to keep records of her period dates. At the beginning, her cycle will be irregular but in time it will develop a pattern which will be much easier for her to keep track of.

If her particular kit has no such calendar you can include a nice little notebook with a pen to compensate for it.

Tips: It is advisable to at least have 2 period kits. Keep one in her usual backpack. The other one can be placed in her other bag or locker.

What to avoid

To further reduce discomfort for your teen girl at this precise time certain things should be avoided:

  • Avoid sweet and carbonated drinks for these increase bloating.
  • Avoid caffeine as it also increase bloating and it irritates stomach.
  • Avoid spoiling her with things that may make her feel worst.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to find a period kit for your teen. You simply need to know how to search for it.

So your child basically needs a pad, a clean panty and a Ziploc bag to keep her on guard for the monthly flow. If you want just that then you should consider period undies.

Period undies

These are cool panties that work the same way as normal panties but with the added absorption. They are expertly design menstrual underwear and they provide extra protection to avoid leakage.

Thinx BTWN Teen Period Underwear

These panties are great for girls who hate wearing pads and who are uncomfortable with tampons. They are specially made to absorb period flow in a comfortable and hygienic way. This will be a great addition in her period kit. It is so straight forward. It is also ideal for teen girls with some medical difficulties. It is one of the best ways to help the girls stay clean and feel at ease.

They can easily spend a school day in it but can always bring a spare along if they feel they want to change it. It is usually not recommended staying over 24hours in it.

The good thing about it is that it is washable. All that needs to be done is wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry. It is good if you have a couple of these because they take time to dry up.

How to clean period undies

  • Run under cold water until the water coming out of it is clear.
  • It can be put in the wash with other clothes but on delicate cold cycle.
  • Avoid hot water as they set residual blood left behind in the undies.
  • Put in a bag for delicate for extra safety.
  • Due to the high tech nature of fabric that the panty is made up of, don’t spin it.
  • Once dry, fold, and don’t iron to prevent damage to it.

Expensive yes but it will save you on monthly purchase of pads or tampons. Look at it in the long:

  • You are buying this for 2 years of use if taken care of properly.
  • That is if you are not hurting the absorbent and odor controlling gusset in it by using Fabric softener, bleach and ironing.
  • Also, save it for that period week instead of wearing it every single day.

By avoiding these you will get great use out of this special underwear.

It is so comfortable for night wear as well.

The period undies will be a wonderful upgrade if she already has her kit.

Tips:First Period Kit

  • Unsuitable for heavy bleeding.
  • Works best as a backup to prevent leakage, i.e. if you are wearing a tampon or cup, the panty can also be worn to avoid staining of your clothes or bed sheets.
  • Remember, it still acts as a pad and you cannot go swimming in it.
  • Take great care while considering the size for maximum comfort.

If you want to make the period experience as interesting as can be you can consider this kit:

Anigan First Period Kit

Consist of:

  • Booklet with questions and answers related to period as well as a period tracker (1).
  • Instant heat pad (1).
  • Hand wipes (3).
  • Sanitary pads (2).
  • Scented disposal bags (2packs).
  • Discreet velvet carrying pouch (1).
  • Hipster period panties (a pair).

It also comes in a beautiful gift box.

You can also opt for this simpler kit:

The Neoprene Bag Period kit

The kit itself is a lovely wristlet which she can use for a long time.

It is filled with the basic:

  • Tampons-2 organic cotton ones.
  • Panty liner-2 organic ones.
  • Wet wipes-1 hypoallergenic.

My final thoughts

Pay attention to the details. You know that your teen may be in a foul mood around this time of month so make things lighter for her. Give her mind something jovial to concentrate on.

A lovely period kit will be a great companion for her so that she may feel reassured and at ease with herself. We cannot shield them from all the pain but we can definitely make the experience so much better.

Kindly leave your thoughts on this topic down below.

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