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Types of gifts:

• Durable gifts

Meaningful or useable gifts

• Memorable gifts

• Educational gifts

• Fashionable gifts

• Valuable gifts

We often struggle with the idea of what to give a teen, even when we already know why we are giving that gift. Let’s face it; there are so many gifts out there. This can be a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because there is an abundance of gifts. A curse because there are so many gifts that you cannot make a choice. Your goal here is to please the recipient and your recipient happens to be a teenager.

Below is a description of the different types of gift which can help you face your challenge.

Durable gifts


From my childhood, I remembered being given dolls that lasted well into my adolescence. My sisters and I spent hours and years of fun with our sturdy dolls.

For sure, I am not suggesting that dolls should be given to teenagers. That is unless they have a passion for such gift.

The best way to go about with this is to talk to the teen about their interests. Talk about their future careers. If talking is not working out, write them a short letter and ask these questions. Make sure that you are precise, so that you will get precise answers. Finish your letter off by letting them know that you are awaiting their reply.

The purpose of this is that in finding out where their interest lies, you will better be able to find them a gift that will indeed last.

For example if you want to give them some equipment or tools they can still make use of it in their adulthood.

In saying so, I guess that we should therefore be looking out for quality goods. Although they might be a bit more expensive but they are stronger, thus will last longer.

The beauty with durable gifts is that they are difficult to break and can be passed down.

Some other examples which can be made use of in the long-run as well are quality clothes and bags which can be used for a couple of years.

Meaningful or Usable gifts


Sometimes, a person, even a teen will appreciate being given something that is meaningful or useful to them. A meaningful gift is one that will make sense to have. It will be worthwhile for the teen and serve a purpose.

Significant gifts can also be sentimental such as personalized items; photo albums or frame, t-shirts, towels, handmade items. These gifts are given to be cherished or treasured.

Practical gifts are given to fulfill a need. The trick is to tap into their specific need.

Most of us have certain things that we want and will use but won’t buy it for ourselves or for the kids. If given though, we will make use of it.

Some examples are consumable items such as bubble bath, perfumes and body lotions.

Memorable gifts


Memorable gifts are often associated with experiences. Many of us out there will rather create experiences instead of clutter. Believe it or not; kids do gain a lot in spending quality time with family members, friends or just mingling with others.

In regard to teens, experiences can be in the form of trips, treat, outings, and movie tickets.

Invest in something that the teen likes such as magazine subscription or classes (art, music or cooking).

Giving gifts that will be remembered even in old age is so precious.

Giving the right experience will be so special to the teen.

Educational gifts


As parents, our top priority is our kid’s education. Nowadays a lot of people are interested in edutainment that is “Entertainment that is designed to be both educational and enjoyable”. Therefore we tend to provide gifts that will further enhance their interests in certain subjects thus inducing learning.

We also tend to lean towards gifts that will promote their hobby and help them develop. All you have to do is supply them with what they need.

However, it also needs to be age appropriate; according to the manufacturer, to encourage proper development and skills.

This type of gift includes scientific goods, electronics, books and puzzles, which will help to satisfy or appease the teen curiosity.

Fashionable gifts


We live in a materialistic world, whereby almost everyone is trying to keep up with the trend. There is no exception when it comes to teen in that department. In fact, this is one of their focal areas in raison d’être.

For a teenager to get that shoe that everyone is wearing, that latest phone or those jewelries, is a must. It’s their way of fitting in. It’s not easy to feel part of a group when you are way behind as a teen. The pressure is somewhat less when you can just blend in and not being the odd one out.

Being fashionable can make life so much bearable to a teen. Then maybe that chain or ear phone will be the coolest gift for your particular teen.

Valuable gifts


Something valuable in the dictionary means “worth a great deal of money”.

Most valuable gifts for teens are seen in the form of jewelries, electronics or digital gadgets.

Many things gain value over time. Take for example a gem stone. In certain circumstances it can appreciate with time.

Another good example is a limited edition of something; its real value will be seen in years ahead.

Buying something of great value can be a form of investment for the future.


The types of gifts describe above is just a mean of sorting out through the plethora of gift available. However, as mentioned in one of my previous blog getting to really know the teenager will be a major help in determining which kind of gift to hand out.

Remember, your goal is to please the recipient. Don’t get too carried away with what you want to give.

Don’t hesitate to leave any comment below.

Thanking you for reading.


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