How to select a gift of need: Consumable gifts for teens

Did you ever consider consumables as gift for your teen? Well I will be glad to guide you through the steps of choosing consumable gifts for your child.

Are you running out of ideas? Are you in need of gifts that don’t take up space?

Do you want to provide gifts that are meant to be simply enjoyed or used up and not be kept as keep sake?

Well consumable gift is the one for you.

Let us take a look at what consumable gifts really are.

These are gifts that are meant to be consumed. They are usually meaningful and usable items. Some also may come in the form of experiences.

Meaningful and usable gifts speak for themselves. These are sensible items and items that your teen can make good use of.

Below are some examples of meaningful and usable items and why they may appeal as gifts to teenagers.

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Small garden


Small garden (spices, vegetables, flowers)

Some of us do like nature and it’s no secret that some children at a very young age do too. Well teenagers are of no exception to this as well. We see many of them fighting for the causes of nature.

So why not influence that passion by providing them with their small personal garden. In it they can cultivate herbs or vegetables and even flowers. All of these can be of use. Vegetables and herbs can be used for cooking and flowers for decoration.

A bonus in that is that you are giving your child a gift of responsibility as we all know that a garden needs to be taken care of. Although I have to admit that this gift will require a little space.

Pet’s treatsPet

Most kids nowadays have a pet. May it be a cat, dog or guinea pig. The trick here is to provide a treat for their adorn pet. These may be in the form of food or providing a new trick or training. This gift also doubles as reinforcement on having a sense of responsibility.

Stationeries and school supplies

OK, these may sound like the usual stuff but what if we add a little taste to it thus making the ordinary items appear tasteful. Why not get a bunch of those inspirational pencils? Add some gel pencil grips to it.

Choose theme notebooks that resonate well with your teen. A mood tracker planner can also be a good addition. Are you getting my flow here?

Doesn’t your teen need a calculator? Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in one. A compass set. What about pen drives, don’t they need one? Why not include a wireless photo printer.

Going to school now more than ever, kids need to fend off germs and viruses. It is therefore of great importance to provide them with facial tissues and sanitizer wipes, sprays or gels. What about their own face masks and gloves? It appears that these will become one the essential school supplies going forward.

Being prepared for any eventualities is a must.

Wi-Fi package

Now with this gift the use is diversified. Depending on your teenager, you can get a Wi-Fi package for online video games, social media or downloading music for karaoke. Some simply want to watch films on Netflix or videos on YouTube. The more serious ones may need it for research work or their projects. Whatever the purpose, it is truly a wonderful gift for teenagers in this day and age.

Food baskets

How about something completely different? How about satisfying an appetite? Why not this time endorse in food as a gift? By choosing a theme and some mixture of snacks, you can thrill a teenager to pieces. What if you order a food basket instead of the usual gift? How about creating your very own food basket and making it more personal?


Cosmetics are personal care products. You therefore see where I’m going with this. Perfumes, bubble bath, shaving creams, spa items, nail varnishes, you name it. These are all personal items that we make use of. A teenager can greatly benefit from this by arming them with their own special kit.

These are definitely the little things that make their world go round.

According to surveys made, one of the best gifts that you can provide to anyone is the gift of experience. This is so because giving experience serves as good memories which will last for years to come. It is also another form of consumable gift that can be given away.

Can you give such a gift to a teenager? Will it please them? Let us take a look at the examples below and see if you are bowled over in giving experience as a gift to a teenager.

Movie tickets

Well that is a treat. Teenagers are dying to spend time out with friends. What better way than going to watch a film together. Even we at times prefer to watch a film out rather than in our own house. You can top it up by giving extra money or coupons for snacks and drinks.

Camping tripCamping

This is yet another cool way to bond with friends. Giving a camping trip to a teenager can do wonders for them. It tends to build their independence and at the same time, you get them out of your hair.

If you do find however, that camping trip is too much of a hassle you can opt for a day trip or picnicking. (Like the ones below)

Museum/zoo/aquarium trip

A trip to one of the above may be fulfilling to a teenager. A change of scenery will do them good. They can even have fun by going on a nature trail. Breathing some fresh air will definitely bring about some health benefits.

How to decide which one to give?

  • You can go straight up to them and run your suggestion.
  • On the other hand you can probe them or their friend for an idea on what you should go for.
  • You can discuss your idea with another teenager or a mum of a teen and assess their response.

So now you have ample of ideas on consumables that you can offer to your teen. These are but a few. There are so much more. It suffices only a little use of your imagination and an idea of gift will be at your disposal. Check out another gift idea here.

It is important that you think carefully about your child. What kind of personality does he or she has. What appeals to him or her? Does he love nature or does she love animals? Will a plant or something related to animal do? In my opinion, there is a good chance there to sprinkle some sense of responsibility.

However, be careful of allergens. These may trigger your teen’s condition if he or she has any. My point is to consider your child’s health upon making a choice.

I will encourage you to consider giving the gift of experience to your teenage one. Who knows, they might come out with new skills in hand.

Oh yes! Do choose a consumable gift that will provide both enjoyment and value to your child. This in a way will appease certain needs.

Even if some ideas above may require a little space to apply, I find that they are very useful gifts. Most of them can be found at Amazon.

Check out other types of gift here.

I sincerely hope that this post will be of great help to you.

Kindly leave a comment or suggestion below. I will love to hear from you.

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  1. This post is great, I like the idea of giving them responsibility as this will help them mature too. I always find that I don’t know what to buy teenagers especially with them having quite high expectations. These tips are great, my little brother is 14 and he is very interested in gaming. I could buy him games or a headset for example but that will only keep him inside which isn’t good, therefore I will organise a camping trip for his next birthday. Thank you very much for this informative article. 

    • Thank you Robert for stopping by. I am glad that you find my post helpful. Responsibilities are very important to give to teenagers if we want future responsible adults. I surely hope that your brother will be please with your gift. Anyway this is our intention in giving a gift. Best of luck.

  2. Hi thanks a lot for sharing this great article with us, I am happy I bumped into it. Buying presents can be so hard and as you mentioned we don’t want to give something ending up as a keepsake.

    I think it is great idea to give them a experience with their friend. As you say, teenagers really just want to hang out with there friends, so I am sure the experience gift with there friends will be highly appreciated. I will bookmark your page to reread when I need to remind myself buying teenagers gifts.

    I appreciated your post a lot, thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes.


    • Hi Jude

      Thank you Jude for your great comment. It is well appreciated. It is nice to know that you’ve bookmarked it for future reference. Experience as a gift is truly an awesome gift for a teenager.

  3. Very interesting as subject, I always thought that when we have to give someone a gift,it will be better if we give that person a gift that can be useful in daily life, but a consumable one is really great idea, I really like the small garden, I found it awesome but it’s also a way to teach teens what’s important in life and what’s not.

    • Great point Isabelle. A small garden will definitely help in the personal growth of a teen. It somehow reinforce on what they also learn at school. I am so please that you find this subject interesting. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hi, nice article. Knowing which consumable gift to buy for a millennial can be tough. Thanks for coming up with such nice suggestions. From the small garden, to the pet treats, movie tickets and camping trips, there’s something here for every teen no matter their interests. The next time I go shopping I sure will know what to get for my teens.

    • Hi. I am glad that this article has been helpful to you. It is truly hard to please kids of this millennium, let alone a teen.Thank you so much for stopping by.

  5. Hello dear. Wow! What nice content you have here. Thank you for this post. I’ve learnt a lot and it has been valuable to me. I really appreciate your tips to help out in selecting a gift for a teen. 

    While we are at home, I am thinking of starting a new business and your post has really inspired me. Things are very slow in my work right now so I believe this is a perfect time to start my business. Thanks again.

    • Hi. Finding a gift for a teenager can be tricky so I am happy that you find the tips here valuable. I appreciate you for taking the time to comment. Wishing you all the best.

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    • Hi. It is good to know that my posts are being appreciated. There will be so much more in the near future. I really do appreciate your comment and thank you for your time.


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