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Teenagers love to express themselves through music. This may very well be in the form of dancing, singing or just listening and feeling the beat. Premium karaoke machine provide the opportunity to express oneself through singing their heart out. sing

The karaoke USA GF845 portable system is the premium karaoke that we will be exploring today. It gives us an upper hand when compared to the singing machine or other lower priced karaokes.

We will also discover why it is one of the best choice of a karaoke machine for a teenager.

What is a premium karaoke machine?

A premium karaoke machine is one with a higher price and additional features compared to the lower priced one.

How to choose a premium karaoke machine for a teenager?

The basics for choosing a karaoke machine remain the same. You still need to search for :

  • Quality sound
  • Built-in display screen
  • Diversity of media options to play music
  • Quality components

Now, let us explore a premium karaoke machine to get a clearer picture.

What is so great with USA GF845 for teenagers?

The cool aspect of this machine is that it provides all the qualities of an ideal karaoke machine, as stated above, and more .

  1. It has a built-in screen

It consists of a gorgeous and easy to read screen from far away. Few karaokes to none has this awesome feature. It can be used without the need to connect to a TV. Thus enhancing its portability feature. However, you can still connect to a TV for larger display.

2. Portable

It is lightweight and easy to carry to any location.

3. Great for home use

This equal to fun for everyone at home as well as when having friends over. I mean you are getting it for a teenager. What will be the use of it if it is not home friendly?

4. Has two microphones

This machine comes with two mics instead of the usual one that other machines provide. This is definitely a plus since you don’t need to buy another one for duos. These mics have a decent quality sound. If you still want a higher quality mic, you can still purchase one though.

5. It won’t take up much space

6. Can use Bluetooth and has various other media options

7. It has a headphone jack

8. Ability to record

9. It has a sleek design which is pleasant to the eyes

10. Handy cradle slot for smartphone Male singing

Description of the USA GF845

  • An all-in one karaoke

The machine has everything you need built-in, such as speaker, screen and recorder.

All you have to do is plug it in, insert a disc, and have your favorite music playing! It is as simple as that. Soon you will find yourself singing along to your favorite tunes .

  • Smartphone Cradle slot

A slot is available to put your smartphone as you stream your music. As your phone plays the music, placed in the cradle slot, you can also charge it there. The slot also allows you to keep your hand free and read from your phone in an upright position.

  • Microphone holders

The machine has two microphone holders which fit the 2 mics that come with it.

  • LED lights

Synchronized LED Lights which flashes with the music, are also included. This feature will enhance the ambiance in the room.

  • Built-in speaker

It has 35 watts built-in speaker which produce a decent enough sound for a small gathering. The machine can be also connected to your home entertainment center for greater sound.

  • Compatible with all devices

The system works with Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, SD memory cards, USB and DVDs. It is also compatible to smartphone apps on most iPhone and Android phones.

  • Recording capabilities

You can record your song simply by inserting an SD memory card or USB and press the recording button.

  • Echo control knob

It has an echo control knob which allows you to play with your sound effect.

  • Balance control knob

The balance knob helps to keep the mics and music proportional to each other.

  • Built-in 7″ Color Screen

The screen makes it easy to read the lyrics as you sing (or watch a DVD). In addition, you can connect to your own TV or screen with the included audio/video cables for a larger display .

  • Portable

Easy to carry around due to its size and weight.

  • Dimension

Considerably small footprint of 13.3 x 10.2 x 18.3 inches

  • Weight

This machine is considered to be lightweight, only 10.33 pounds

Items included upon purchasing

  • 2 Microphones ( With individual microphone volume control )
  • 1 Remote Control ( Use 2 x “AAA” batteries. Not included )Note
  • 2 MP3G Demo Discs with a total of 300 songs. ( Mainly folk, children and holiday songs )
  • DVD player and also options for Bluetooth, SD Cards, AUX and USB.
  • RCA Cable
  • AUX cable
  • Power cable
  • A manual
  • Warranty card ( The product is returnable for a period of time if it is defective )


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use following instructions


  • Side loading of CDs. ( CDs are loaded vertically )
  • The 2 CDs provided are lame ( according to certain reviews )
  • Bluetooth do only audio, no video


  • You have the possibility of charging your phone as it is playing, while placed in the cradle slot.
  • Multiple choice of media to play your songs are available .
  • Don’t count on the 2 CDs provided to have fun with your machine. Purchase your own CDs of your taste.
  • The machine performs great with CD+G discs.


I chose USA GF845 as the premium karaoke for a teenager because of all the above features that it possesses. To me it spells out fun in a box. It is not a perfect machine but it definitely serves its purpose as a home karaoke. Perfect for a small gathering, family fun time and for hanging out with friends. Exactly what is needed by a teenager!

This is indeed a complete karaoke system. It conveniently comes with all that is needed to get a party rolling. No need to fend off and spoil the mood by waiting to purchase other components when you can get it all in a single box.

So, I can fairly say that USA GF845 is of a decent price. You can check this out at the Amazon site as well as the customers reviews of this product.



As a passionate singer, I’ve been trying out different Karaoke machine in retails since a year ago and I must say it’s really hard to choose a one that suits you in terms of both budget and quality. So switched to online shopping recently… after reading your review, GF 845 really caught my attention…might just go ahead and purchase it next month after I’ve moved!

Jul 31.2019 | 02:35 pm


    I am happy that this review has been helpful to you Hans. There are indeed lots of karaoke out there. You just need to find the one that suits you best at present time.

    Jul 31.2019 | 03:51 pm


I was doing research on Karaoke machine when I chance upon this post. I wanted to buy one hoping to increase my son’s confidence in singing. He loves to listen to music but he is just too shy to sing. He always says that his voice is too low and doesn’t sound nice. It kind of saddens me to hear this from him and I really want to try to find a good Karaoke machine, hoping to arouse his interest when he hears that his own parents still sing even though the singing might not be every nice! Lol!

I like that this machine is portable, so that my son and myself have the flexibility to bring it over to friends’ places whenever there is a gathering. Thank you so much for your detail and honest review!

Jul 31.2019 | 03:53 pm


    Karaoke has a way of boosting ones confidence to singing out loud and in the open. I am glad that this review is helpful to you. Wishing you and your son lots of fun with this machine. Thank you for your comment.

    Jul 31.2019 | 04:09 pm

Daniel E Ortiz

Hey, great review! I’m looking into purchasing one of these bad boys for my GF. Every time we go to the round one gaming center first thing she wants to do is hit up the karaoke room. So I started researching and came across your article on this machine and I think it will be perfect and it has 2 mics so I can sing with her!
thanks for the information!

Jul 31.2019 | 05:36 pm


Hi Daniel. I am glad you like the review. Happy karaokeing to you and GF. Thank you for your comment.

Jul 31.2019 | 05:46 pm

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