Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For Teens

We often talk about giving experiences as a gift. Why don’t we create our own experience for a teen? How about one that we can create in our own backyard or living room? Let’s take it as a homemade experience. I must say that this will require a little imagination and effort on your part. Nonetheless, this article will show you that you can pull this off.

Now it will be up to you if you want an indoor or outdoor event and either night or day time. I personally think that nighttime brings out a special atmosphere to watch movies. So we will concentrate more on a nighttime movie theme party.

We will also take it a step further and bring the event outdoor for the teen’s sake.

How to create a movie night for your teen and his or her friends?

So your teen is into movies and you want to throw a movie theme party for him or her. So here are your essentials.

Hollywood theme decorationsMovie Decoration

Online shopping has made it ever so easy to find stuffs that we need. No matter how trivial it may be, the internet will simplify it for us and bring it to our disposal. Now Amazon is the place where you can find different party decorations to fit your taste.

With movies in mind there is this hanging movie decorations party kit with cameras and movie clapboards along with foil swirls, which can fit the bill. It is cool enough to make a special effect in your decorating effort.

There is also this Amscan Party Supplies Glitz & Glams Doorway Curtain. Perfect, with its VIP sign above to give the appearance of an entry point, to the outdoor theater.

A Red carpet runner should not be overlooked. Make a statement with one of these. Walking on a red carpet has the potential to make one feel like a real star. This can be emphasized by placing stars along the borders.

You can get stars, confetti and balloons that will go accordingly with your theme in regards with colors.

Invitation and dress code

You may want to send these out early to get the best response. Make note to ask for movie suggestion upon your guests’ confirmation to attend the party. However, your teen gets the final say in the movie choice.

Movie stars or other movie characters as dress code can add humor and excitement to the party as we will soon see below.


The Movie Ticket Invitation card is ideal for such event. You can cleverly insert a little note to state your desire to know their film preference and also a special mention about the dress code.

Who am I game?

Let the game begin. With guests dressed as movie stars or other characters let them say a line from the character they are personating. They can even act a small part which also brings us to the next activity on the list.

Making their own film

Leading from the game above, you can capture the teenagers acting talents and turn it into a small film. It may not turn out to be a state-of-the-art video but I can assure you that this will be a sweet memento for your teen!


Get someone specific to handle filming. It can be done upon the guests’ arrival or as you caught up with them during the party. Or better yet, filmed them during the Who am I game.

Photo shooting

One of the most memorable ways to safe guard a happy event is through a photo. Yes I hear you! Almost all teens have a smartphone with an inbuilt camera. You can check out how to pick a smartphone for a teen here.

However, I am not talking about this kind of camera. I am talking about an instant camera with instant photo. Can you imagine the fun of taking a photo to have it appears spontaneously into your hands? These can go straight up on the walls or in the new photo album your teen may have just received for the occasion.

You can even take extras to give away at the end of the party.

An inexpensive model of an instant camera is the Fuji film Instax mini 11. With it the teens can take selfies. It has an interesting selection of colors for both boy and girl teens. This small camera is good in dim light so it will be perfect for night photos. It is said to be the successor of the mini 9 if you are familiar with this one.

The fun part is that you can use color or black and white Instax mini film to create a variation in photos taken.


Get someone else also to take charge of the photo sessions.

Special touches

In this section we are going to add some special touches which will enhance the real movie theater mood.

Popcorn machine

When you think about a movie night, what comes into mind? I bet you are thinking about snacks; more precisely popcorn. For your teen’s event a popcorn machine should do the trick.

A small version of a typical theater popcorn machine like 6092 Great Northern Black Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine 8 ounce will be an ideal fit. It is so easy to use and easy to clean as well though it is a bit expensive. However, it does come with a 5-year guarantee.

Included with the machine is a scoop and popcorn containers.Popcorn

May I suggest that you get this one early on to test which ingredients work best for your teen. It is available in black or red, tabletop or with cart. This little machine will definitely leave you feeling nostalgic! You can make it more appealing by getting other accessories. This can be the focal point of the party to reflect your theme.

Snow machine for parties

This is another suggestion to bring a little something else into play. How about serving the adolescents with some icy treats?

The Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker is good for this job. It comes with 2 reusable plastic cups and 1 Ice Scoop. This will be a perfect addition to the party especially if the temperature is a bit higher than usual. This will be a nice treat to accompany the popcorn.

Now for the Grand Finale!

End it all with a film show. This should be the final touch to complete your movie night event whereby you provide the actual film. This is where the film would have been diligently picked out by your teen.

Another cool idea will be running the video shots made by the guests in the game above. It will be a great way to end the night altogether.


Get someone to coordinate this activity as well. Make sure that the gadget holding the film is at hand, may it be a flash drive, external hard drive or laptop.

Don’t forget the blankets

In watching a movie, it is important to get and feel comfortable. Thus you’ve got to create a relaxing sitting arrangement for your guests. There should be plenty of cushions and blankets to create a cozy atmosphere since we are having the activity outside.

A wonderful blanket to consider is the Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket Double sided. It may definitely bring some taste to the party!

The basics

To make all of this work, there are some basics which should be considered wisely.

  • Extensions for power, lighting and charging.
  • Projector to project the film.
  • Screen to display the film on.
  • Fully charged laptop with charger at hand in case of any eventualities.
  • Lighting to facilitate guests movements.
  • You will need at least 3 other pairs of hands at your disposal to coordinate the event.

My final thoughts

Here you go! This is how we get a functional movie theme party for a teen grooving. My suggestion is that many of the items suggested above can be bought and accumulated on previous occasions as gifts to prepare for the actual event.

So as you can see it takes a bit of organization. We all know that if you want a great event, you’ve got to prepare for it in advance.

I am nonetheless sure that some, if not all of these ideas above may propel you to throw your teen a movie night event which they will thank you for. The best part is that it will live on for years in their memories. What better experience to give a teen! Here you can find out how to find other types of gifts for your teen.

In case, you have any other cool ideas you can share them below. Any other suggestions in regard to what have been said here will be much appreciated.

Thanking you for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For Teens”

  1. These are some very good ideas that you have here on those party ideas. I’m sure that my little sister is going to like this one because she is looking to have a small party with some of her friends. Apparently, the party has to be a socially distanced one but I guess she can still have fun as much as she wants despite all that issues. This post is well written. Nice work!

    • Thank you for your comment. I definitely think that your sister can pull off this event and keep social distance as well. 

      Firstly because it is an outdoor activity and you can space things out. It is just a matter of limiting her number of guests. 

      Secondly watching a movie requires you to be seated thus another plus for social distancing. Just provide the required distance with your seating arrangement.

      Lastly the role play also limits interactions with others. Thus these activities will mostly get the movie night party mostly covered safe and sound under very close supervision.

  2. What a great idea!!!  We have a church youth group that hasn’t been able to get together other than online for anything since COVID hit.  We have a huge, white, blank wall outside next to a large open space.  A movie night with all the things you discussed in your article would work really well for all the neighborhood kids.  Thanks so much for the suggestion.  Its one of those “I wish I had thought of that” things.

    • Hi. I am so glad that my article is of use to you. I am sure that the neighborhood kids will adore an outdoor movie night event. I am also pretty sure that all the ideas mentioned can be implemented with some outside help, especially from the parents themselves.

      The pandemic has touch every course of our society and I think that it is up to us to bring some joy back into our children’s life. That is doing so while respecting the guidelines of the health department. My idea is to create an event (specially for teens) that is as joyful and memorable as possible. All we can do is replace the bad memories with some fresh new ones.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and drop a comment.


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