Small Corner Garden Design Idea For Teens

The idea of gardening should be made appealing to gain interest with teens. This is where the garden design comes into play. You and I are going to explore the possibility of gifting a teen with an alluring corner garden.

Our aim here is to use minimum space, an appropriate design and engaging the teen into gardening.

First of all, let us see the benefits of gardening for a teenager.

The benefits of gardening:

Self-esteemSmall garden

Gardening is definitely a plus in building up a teen’s self-esteem. Knowing that they have got the capability to nurture a plant can surely boost up their moral. It also works as a form of therapy.

Environmental awareness

Putting a seed into the soil and watching it grows gives the teen a chance to appreciate nature at work. It will make them a bit more conscious of their environment.


Food supply has a great impact on the economy. Rather than finding more money to import food, it should be cultivated locally as much as possible. In planting food for their own consumption it should be brought to the teen’s attention that more money stays in the household for other purposes. It also reduces demand on the market since now they are providing for themselves.

Food safety

This is becoming a great concern worldwide. Therefore, teens should be made aware of food sustainability. Fresh foods are not always available and are expensive. Having their own garden is a way of assuring the production and consumption of fresh food.

Healthier food

Food grown at home is far healthier than those bought in stores. More emphasis should be made on organic food choices. This goes hand in hand with ensuring food safety. Eventually they will learn to appreciate organic food better if it comes from their very own hands.


In caring for a plant it aggregates their sense of responsibility.

Physical activity

Aside from sitting indoors with a gadget, gardening will give them a chance to do some physical activity. Even get some sunlight and fresh air.

Now let’s consider the plants.

What to put in the garden

The question here is “What do you want out of the garden?” We definitely want the teen to be proud of what they are doing and see its usefulness. Since we are targeting certain assets in the teen we are going to lean towards planting edible plants as well as decorative ones to fulfill our goals.

Knowing our plants is also a great asset in designing our garden. However, the location of your garden will also have an effect on your plant selection.

The aim is to get the teen to plant and get engaged. So it is better to start small with a few plants.

The following are certain types of plant that are easy to use in a small garden.

Vegetables the likes of lettuce, cabbage and potatoes will be our great focus here. Remember, we want to create a sustainable garden to get the teenager’s involvement.

Herbs such as parsley, thyme and ginger are very easy to grow. They add flavor to food and will definitely be a plus in the teens’ garden.

Flowers and ferns may be included just to throw in some colors. They will definitely be appealing to the eyes and give the garden an attractive look.

How to actually design a garden for a teen

Since we are making emphasis on limited space, we are going to choose a corner for the teen. Any small corner will do. It can be done on a balcony or outside if you have space for it.

In this article we are going to concentrate on a balcony corner design for your teen’s garden. This can be adapted for outdoors as well.

Assessing your spot, you should aim for a clever design. I suggest that you choose the tiered structure garden look. This design makes so much sense for a corner garden. The reason for this is that this will allow you to go vertically. In each column add color to make your garden more attractive. It is simple to do with the use of rectangular pots of different heights and lengths.Corner garden

As your garden grows, make use of height to maximize your use of space. You can also add pots on the railings or hang them up in old shoe organizer.

Implementing cool planting ideas

Potato Grow Bag

Now to make things a bit more interesting and fun, let us introduce some cool stuff in the garden, such as the potato grow bag. The bag is so easy to use and is ideal for not only potatoes but other vegetables like carrot, sweet potatoes and ginger. This will in turn embellish your overall garden design and make it all the more efficient.

The good news is that the potato grow bag is reusable. It has a clear window like opening which allow you to check on the progress of your veggies. When the time comes for harvesting you can use that very same window to collect your veggies instead of digging them out. How cool is that!

The bag has sturdy handles which will make it easy for your teen to move it about. Gemgo 3 pack potato grow bag is a good choice.

Personalizing your garden

With a corner of their own, teenagers get the chance to personalize their garden with their own touch, like creatively labeling their plants or giving a name to their garden and writing it on a board. Small decorative figurines can be included to display their taste.


As they become accustom with gardening, consider introducing new, appropriate plants and experiment with them. In due time teenagers will learn to appreciate what individual plant yields.

Considering all the great benefits that come with gardening don’t you think it’s worth considering one for your teen?

Consumables are becoming one of the key factors in the selection of gifts to our children may it be due to the lack of space or you are just simply running out of ideas because they have it all.

Taking care of a garden will never grow old as long as you don’t abandon it. This is your chance to teach your teen some surviving skills.

In my part of the world, small projects are being made to promote the idea of producing your own homegrown food. Our country has embraced this idea which is also spilling over into schools creating their own sustainable garden.

There are multiple sources of add-ons which will keep your teens interested in their garden. All they need is guidance and support from you.

You can find more ways to find gifts for your teens here.


I therefore leave you with this advice; Tap into your basic need and use your space wisely.

It is never too late to do some savings up and I will suggest that you head over to Amazon to get your essential tools to start building your teen’s very own garden.

Thank you for reading my post.

Kindly leave a comment below. If you have more ideas about how to improve teen’s interest in gardening, feel free to add on below.


4 thoughts on “Small Corner Garden Design Idea For Teens”

  1. Finally nice to see something for teenagers that is not a computer based or app based product or service. In this modern day there is to much technology on offer and not enough of the simple life. I am getting old now.  Gardening over the years has been a in trend and out of trend thing to do. More commonly it was our grandparents who did it and we all thought they were crazy. This was at the dawn of the IPad and laptop years. 

    There is a lot to learn from growing a plant as well as the fact that you learn to respect living things that truly are fragile. There is a great lesson to be had here. When you can grow a flower/plant it makes you think, okay perhaps I can grow some vegetables now and through this thought process you then realise that you have developed a new sustainable skill.

    With the population booming and growing there will be a need for us all to be a little more self sufficient. Apart from the health benefits of growing you own crops it can also be kinder on your purse. 

    Gardening is known to help be a calming experience so as a hormone fuelled teenager it can provide an outlet to help them. Both physically and mentally. Plus they get to learn a bit about the environment which may not seem so interesting in the teenager years.

    Where would be the best place to buy starter kits?  Also is there any groups or clubs that we could join locally?

    I really liked this article as it has helped me to think of another activity which I can do with my daughter that seems like fun. My garden is small so this would be something which I will certainly look at trying out and the links on the post have been helpful in my first steps.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • We often think about providing our teens with gadgets which in return has an effect on their nurturing sense among other things. While on the other hand, simple basic activities such as gardening can enhance such positive sense. As shown above, you don’t even need a large space for a garden.

      I totally agree with you that gardening can help with personal growth of a teen on different levels. It is one of the best ways to get them back into the real world and see what is happening around them.

      I researched my  product above on Amazon and I did come across some cool garden starter kits there. As for local groups or clubs, I suggest that you can look at what is being provided in your community environmental wise. If there is none it may be the opportune moment to initiate one.

      Food is one of our basic needs and it will be a blessing and a gift to get teens involve in their production.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and share your opinion on this topic.

  2. I agree with the other commenters; it’s great to see teen gifts that aren’t gadgets or fashion-based! It’s especially helpful to see gardening ideas that can fit in a bedroom or on a balcony. I’m particularly interested in the potato bag! Do you have a link available for where I can get a couple of these?

    • Hi. The way our life is heading now, it is high time to get the youth involve as much as possible in the physical world. There are teens who are already involved and I salute them for that. We do however, have a need to continue nurturing this kind of behavior to secure our future.

      I am emphasizing on a small corner garden because we all need to start somewhere. Starting small is a great way to initiate something. Hey, we don’t need to have a large space to cultivate some fresh products. In doing so we can make gardening more inviting and manageable especially to a teen.

      As stated above, the potato grow bag can be found on Amazon or places like Walmart, and in different models This bag is indeed very handy. A link will be made available in due time. 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and dropping a comment.


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