How to Garden with Teens: Growing Microgreens from Home

Gardening is one of the most satisfying experiences that you can share with a teen. Growing microgreens from the comfort of your home is a must and I’m going to show you why. Microgreens are considered a superfood and by growing them in your own house, teens will see the benefits firsthand. As a teenager, … Read more

Fun Crafts For Teens: Diamond Art Painting Kits

Diamond painting is a great craft for teens. They can get lots of pleasure out of enhancing a painting with only diamonds and coming out with a masterpiece. It is definitely a worthwhile gift to consider for teens since it promotes relaxation in them. What is diamond painting? It is mostly described as a combination … Read more

What’s The Best Cricut Machine For Teens

Having a teen who is interested in crafts or doing small projects can be very beneficial when it comes to gift giving. Craft items are in abundance and the Cricut family has a number of machines and accessories for crafters to choose from. One such machine is the heat press machine which has proven to … Read more

Indoor Plant Garden Ideas For Teens

To safeguard teen’s interest in gardening, we should provide them with the appropriate plants, tools and information so that their garden doesn’t die out on them. As their bedroom is their private space, their indoor garden can be concentrated there. Indoor plants in the bedroom have been proven to be very beneficial so we are … Read more