The National Teenager Day: How to Cherish Teens

The National Teenager Day falls on March 21st of each year. This is the day to cherish and celebrate teenagers across the board.

There are plenty of days celebrated in March; women’s day, world wildlife day as well as world water day to name but a few. A special event that is also celebrated in March is none other than spring.

Traditionally, 21st March also marks the very first day of spring. It may alternate from year to year though. Spring is said to be a magical time and it befits the freshness and joyfulness of being a teen.

Let us explore what being a teen is all about.

What is it to be a teenager?

A teenager is most commonly referred to as someone age 13 to 19 years old. It is associated with adolescence. The keyword here is teen but in some countries, the age varies for a teenager.

The teenage phase is the time whereby teens find their footing. So they get to try out different things. Find their style. It is also a time to make mistakes, as they enter adulthood. It is a transitional period preparing them to leave childhood into adulthood.

This also happens to be a time when they begin to think and reason fairly well. They are optimistic and full of life. Teens, however, do need guidance to help them make realistic decisions though. They are also full of fun and drama.


It is that stage where they get to decide what they want to make out of their life, study path, and career path. They feel like they are a little smarter and a little older.

It is also the time that they stand up for their belief and be a better person. There are so many opportunities and a bit more freedom. It is a learning phase for them to understand who they are.

So as we can see teenagers have a lot on their plate!

I will not say that I long for my teenage days back but I will say that they are memorable ones. This is what we should seek for our teens. Fond memories of being a teenager for it won’t last forever.

Speaking of fond memories it makes me wonder if we cherish our teens.

Do we cherish our teens?

I know that many look at teenagers in a bad light but I believe that most of them are not bad at all. I know of some who will leave you in awe.

We talk a lot about teenagehood or the teenage phase. This is the period where they are preoccupied with growing into adults. They undergo lots of body and brain changes. These are indeed challenging times whereby more is expected out of them at home and school.

We are well aware of the difficulties they need to surmount. We’ve been through them as well. Even so, we don’t seem to cherish them enough. Even when it is clear that many of them though sadly not all have great personalities.

How do I know that teens are great?

Teens are full of talents and good qualities. Take my seventeen-year-old niece for example; for several years now she has been baking cakes and snacks. She finds joy in baking for family and friends. She has recently joined the Tourism Academy to further her studies.

Many others are passionate about what they believe in and will fight for it especially in matters concerning nature. Soon they become activists fighting for a good cause.

They also tend to care for the elderly. Some participate actively in charity events prepared for the elderly.

This is how great teens are!

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So, how to cherish a teen?

First, we need to appreciate them so we need to spend time with them. We should tell them as well as show them that we care for them.

It is truly amazing what we can learn from a teen. What I learn from my fourteen-year-old daughter is that she sometimes needs a little push and support.


My daughter said that she was unable to solve her math problem. I sat with her for a couple of minutes as she reasoned it out. Presto! She found the solution all on her own.

After about 10 minutes with me sitting there, she completed her task. As I left I said. “Next time you want me just to come to sit with you let me know. Don’t make me rack my brain.” I received the sweetest smile ever for that.


Like most parents, in this pandemic, I’ve been struggling to help my child with a home study routine. I left it with her to produce her own timetable for her lessons, thinking that at fourteen years old she can handle that. She only had to show me the night before her target for the next day. It never happened.

Some days, she will take a whole day just to do one topic. Getting frustrated with her slacking I started giving her a schedule for each day. 40 minutes for each lesson. On her very first attempt she came to tell me that she had completed her French exercise and was sending it to her teacher. I clapped and told her to take a short break to drink some water then do the next lesson.

I am planning on allowing her to plan her own schedule once more.

You see, just a little push and support is what they are craving for. In giving them a small amount of attention, they will show you their appreciation in return.

These are fond memories that I am proud to share. I do hope that she too finds it to be so and share her experience with her friends to help them out.

Most of all, we need to help our teens to find the joy of being a teenager. Help them to make it the best fun years of their lives. They do have that choice with our continuous support.

The basic rule is for them is to stay out of trouble and be productive with their time. So let us prepare them to make good memories and cherish them.

Happy teen
Happy teen

How will a teenager really know that they are appreciated?

  • Open their eyes to the reality of the 7 numbers that end with “teen”. It represents the different steps in a teen’s life. Each year they grow a little older and wiser.
  • Know that there will be a big difference from the beginning at 13 years old till the end at 19 years old. So let them take their time to evolve.
  • Avoid comparing them to their siblings because age matters and each one has their unique way of handling it.
  • Don’t let them feel left out. Think about how we can celebrate them. Ask them if you will. Hey, we surely know how to emphasize all those other special days all year long? So why not do the same on a single day for teenagers?
  • Presenting them with a token will serve as a pleasant surprise on this day.

Teen’s March birthday

If it is your teen’s birthday especially on Teenager Day, you should make it extra special. They should definitely be treated with delicacies. These delicacies should involve a cake.

Basically, celebrate our teens

We are living in an extraordinary time and as much as it is not easy for any of us, neither is it for the younger generation. Lifestyle and experiences are ever-changing and these have a tremendous effect on how a teen reacts.

So let us take this one day in March of every year to really celebrate our teens. Let them feel the love and understanding that they are in need of. Let them be proud of who they are.

Thank you for reading my post.

Do you take time to celebrate and cherish the teens in your life?

Kindly leave your comment below.

4 thoughts on “The National Teenager Day: How to Cherish Teens”

  1. Hello Carol,

    Wow, I almost forgot that national teenager day is just around the corner! This is such a delicate article on why teens are so important and the ways we can cherish them during this phase of their lives.

    I think its true that as adults we tend to take them for granted during these years of their lives. Where in their shoes, they are engaging the opportunity to be free while also learning who they are. Occupying their capacity, that makes it hard to keep memories that can be cherished as you have mentioned.

    For me personally, I have a sister currently in her teen years. As you have mentioned, its good to spend time with them which can be quite hard especially when working full time. I do my best to appreciate her by helping with schoolwork and give the timely support when needed. As I also feel these years is important to nurture them onto a good path whether its for the bigger picture or simply be good to others, in which case also leading by example as an adult. 

    I do remember my teenage days, where I also needed older examples to follow, as I am learning to shape myself to who I want to be when turn into an adult. I feel in this case to cherish them is to also help grow them into the person they want to be. Which is why I agree with your point to celebrate them during this phase, keep them involved or even have a special day to do the things they enjoy doing as teens.

    Thank you for reminding me of teens day and also the importance of cherishing this part of their lives! Have a great day!

    • Hi,

      I am sure glad that you can relate to the need of cherishing teenagers as well as celebrating them. The way that you care for your teen sister is quite remarkable. We are definitely the ones to guide them during this important phase in their life.

      The National Teenage day serves to really bring out teens’ value. This is why we should not forget to commemorate them.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to share your views.


  2. Hi Carol, pleased to meet you. I’ve just gone through your article on how to cherish teens. I find it very informative and educative. I agree with you that this is the stage when the teens develop the characters of adulthood, they try to stand on their feet and this is the time they fall into a lot of mistakes too. At this stage, they are full of life and drama and this is the time our parenting skills are being put to test as it’s the same time they need us most. As a young parent, I find this piece of writing really helpful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Hi Kokontala,

      When we have a better understanding of teens it helps us to treat them better. The teenage phase is a testing phase for both teens and parents. The experience with a teen in the family varies in different households.

      The important factor here is to let them know that they are cherished. Showing them love and support will surely uphold them on their journey through teenagehood and beyond. A secure environment will build a strong backbone for adulthood.

      I am glad that my article is of help to you. Thank you for taking the time to drop your comment.



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