What To Help With Anxiety In Teens

When there is a disruption in our life we often become anxious and in need to have comfort. Teenagers are no different. Their growing phase is enough to stress them out even without the help of the daily crisis going on in the world, thus causing anxiety.

Teens may feel anxious if they are stressed out, depressed or even lonely. This in return may result in restlessness and even insomnia.

It is important to see your teen through these dilemmas to secure their mental health. Below are various ways of how this can be done, accompanied by some useful items which can be offered as gifts to complement the effort.

Get teenagers engage in activities

We all know that physical activities and contact with others have positive impact on our lives. However, when disruptions such as a pandemic occur, teens may lack physical engagement with friends, other family members and even within the community. There is a definite interruption in their usual activities.

Unable to release pent-up energy; teens may regress into anxiousness. In order to maintain good health, teens need to continue getting engage. This is a good chance to tap into things that they don’t usually do. Activities like gardening or fun things like singing can do the trick.

The whole family’s involvement in such activities may prove to be very beneficial to appease a teenager’s mind. Staying in touch with their immediate surrounding can be quite reassuring.

In certain circumstances unfortunately, we need to create that environment to feel comforted. Without the physical presence of a loved one nearby, we can mimic a hug through a comforting item such as a weighted blanket.Weighted Blanket

I often see victims in an accident or fire given a blanket to cover themselves with and wonder why. It turns out that the blanket acts as a symbol of being comforted and protected. It simply imitates the feeling of being tucked in as a child. This is what can be imparted by giving a teen a weighted blanket.

The sense of physical presence can be enhanced, especially to those who are far away from their family in cases like for study. These blanket help to induce better sleep. A good night sleep does help in reducing anxiety. Some refer to its feel like a light hug.

A good example of Weighted Blanket is the Quility weighted blanket.

Getting teens to relax by making use of their five senses.

Our five senses play a great role in reducing anxiety. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste each have a role to play. Let’s see how we can make use of them all to reduce anxiety.


We have highlighted the importance of touching above as with the example of the Weighted Blanket. A hug or a pat on the back can do wonders to our senses. This brings about a sense of being safe and loved.

Physical contacts do bring about health benefits as they stimulate the release of endorphins, commonly known as the happy hormone. Such hormones will definitely win the war against anxiety.

Acupressure mat is another item which can be used to bring calmness and reduce anxiety as well as other health benefits to a teen.

The Ajna acupressure Mat, which is a linen-cotton mat with lotus shaped spikes, is a good example of the acupressure mat. It can also be found on Amazon.

It brings out a sense of relaxation throughout the whole body therefore very good for stress and anxiety relief in teenagers. It comes in a Luxe version and another lighter version called the Lite. It can be sold in set of a mat and a pillow or you can buy each one separately.

It is made to stand, sit or lie on. It is a mat which can bring calmness into your world and this is exactly what an anxious teenager needs.

It is important to note that both mat and pillow are made up of environmentally friendly materials. This will also be a plus to your teenager because in purchasing one you are supporting a good cause.

Tip: Experiment with it fully clothed because it may be too painful on bare skin. Ajna Eco-Lite might be the appropriate version for a typical teenager.Acupressure Mat


The sense of sight when fallen onto the appropriate scene, do really help to calm us down. Nature is one of the greatest attribute to calmness. If you want to appease an anxious teen you may consider a stroll in the park or a drive by the sea side. My advice though is to refrain from taking the gadgets along because your teenager might miss the scene and its benefit altogether.

Luxurious greens and the blue sky do work magic but in cases where they are unavailable, you can make do with pictures or videos of such aspects.


This can work both ways; with pure silence or peaceful sounds.

The sound of silence can be very therapeutic to a peaceful mind. In times like these we can embrace our spiritual side to find inner peace. A teen, like everyone else should have a quiet place, may it be a prayer sanctuary, a meditative or reading space. This is the chance where they will get to tune out the turmoil going on inside and all around them.

Soothing sounds such as instrumental music or sounds of nature can also induce peacefulness and eliminates anxiety in teens. The sounds of swishing waves or rainfalls can help to soothe the mind. These comforting sounds usually ease sleep.


We quite often associate smells with certain events or experiences in our lives. Our sense of smell do however has a special way of telling our brain to relax. There are several typical scents which can help to bring about this state, such as lavender, chamomile and cinnamon. Capitalizing on such scents may very well help with reducing anxiety in your teen.


Comfort food such as dark chocolates can enhance happiness and decrease anxiety level. However, this should be done in moderation as they have adverse effect on health as well. Healthier alternatives are nuts such as walnuts and cashews. You can also encourage your teenager to drink chamomile tea.

Make sure that you watch out for any allergies.

Bringing out the happy hormones in teensHumor

The positive effects of certain things on our senses can bring about the happy hormones as seen above. Some other simple activities can have the same result as well.

Reading is an activity which creates magic on its own. Reading positive quotes can surely increase the state of well-being.

Comics also have the tendency to elevate your mood. Don’t hesitate to bring some humor in your teen’s life!

Some may find fun in coloring or art. Therefore, I suggest that you do venture into coloring books for your teen as they can prove to be another source of pleasure for them in the battle against anxiety.

To sum it all up

There are real simple ways to help a teen cope with anxiety. The feeling of being safe should be upper most on our list to help them out.

We are living in an anxious filled world and teenagers are not being spared. So we have to do our utmost to alleviate such disagreeable sentiments as much as we possibly can.

We all experience anxiousness at one point or another but the key here is to bring their anxiety level to a minimum.

The items mentioned above may very well serve as gifts to make your teen’s life a bit more comfortable. However, to further improve their health, medical advice should be sought out.

Thanking you for reading.

Should you have any comment, other ideas or questions on the topic kindly leave them below.

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  1. Hello Carol, the life of a teenager can be cruel. The charge of hormones leads to changes in emotions, which all results in a special state of mind that some tolerate better and some worse, of course. This article is very useful, I wish I had the opportunity to read it a few years ago. Carol, you do a great thing, you help young people in need, you give great advice and ideas. I wish you all the best in the future.

    • Hi,

      Life as a teenager is a challenge alright. The raging hormones are no help at all. Nonetheless that is life and one way or another we get through it.

      The aim of this article is to try to ease some of these sore points whenever possible. We all need to be comforted especially in difficult times. The gifts ideas mentioned above can definitely send a strong message to teens out there. That they are cared for and that they do make a difference.

      Thank you so much for proving that this article is worthwhile. I appreciate the time you took to drop down your comment.


  2. Hi there , I really enjoyed reading this amazing article “what to help with anxiety in teens” , I believe that when there’s disruption in our lives , we become very anxious and need to have comfort. Teenagers are actually no different. Most teens feel anxious when they are stressed out , depressed or even lonely. I’m really glad I came across this highly informative article , which proves really helpful. 

    • Hi Jack,

      Teenagers belong to a special group of people. They are sensitive and full of mix emotions. Therefore it is easy for them to become casualties when things go astray.

      Emphasis is being made on ways to comfort them because often time the human comfort is unavailable or not enough. I am therefore glad that you find the tips above to be helpful.

      Thanking you for taking the time to read and leave a comment.



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